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Posting Personal Essay

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Social media was created to make connecting with old friends and extended family more accessible. The sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow people to see what a person has been up to lately. They also allow for likeminded people to make groups and keep track of events those groups are having with ease of access so others interested can attend and help the group grow. Posting personal opinions and information on these social media sites can lead to unwanted hate or humiliation from one’s peers and could cost them future employment opportunities. Due to misuse of these social websites people get into situations they do not want to be in such as cyberbullying or being stalked. Personal information is personal and can get a person into unwanted trouble.
These sites need to be used with precaution of keeping personal information from causing conflict with the people who may see it. Personal opinion is a big way to get into trouble, sure Sally might have a big head, but everyone else has their own opinion on her head size and she does not want to have how big her head is posted to one of these sites. Political opinion also can cause controversy here and if one intend on posting their personal opinion they should word it carefully. Posting something such as, “Gay marriage is a stupid thing to fight over, just give them what they want, if it’s nasty or not,” is a very dangerous thing to post and most likely will cause reputation to go down and notifications of comments to go up. Posting this in a different way can show your opinion without causing as much controversy. Posting personal opinions is dangerous and should be done with meticulous precaution.
A future employer looks at who they think would be the best fit in the position they are trying to fill. Since the birth of social media companies have been looking onto future employees’ pages to see who they really are and what they are really like. Posting things on these sites that are workplace inappropriate, such as saying a former boss is an idiot or posting pictures of you doing drugs or other illegal activities may pull you from their list. Also companies keep track of current employees’ social media pages. A prime example of this is an ex-coworker of my mothers who called in sick one day. Someone monitoring his page later discovered he had been tagged in a picture by one of his friends at Six Flags, thus resulting in his termination from the company. To keep ones professional integrity he or she should contain what they allow on...

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