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Postives And Negatives Of Greek Life Systems In College Campuses

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Sororities and fraternities are becoming more influential on college campuses and among the professional world. Over 730 schools across the United States have the Greek life system and there are several different fraternities and sororities on each college campus. Many Americans have extremely different opinions about Greek life as a whole. Although many say it is all about partying, there are many pros and cons to joining Greek life. Greek life can be a very good experience in college, it is whatever people make it.
Coming into college most students struggle to find a place where they fit in. Greek life provides individuals the opportunity to find people that are similar to them and share the same values as they do. In the article “Living in Your Letters…” is it said that the values of your organization are imposed on you even if you do not believe the same. Many organizations may not tell you their values before entering. Finding out critical information about something before joining is important. Once signing the bid card individuals are agreeing to follow all of their policies whether agreeing with them or not. Many people do not realize what they are getting into and this could cause them problems within their fraternity or sorority. Also it could cause problems with the national councils. According to the article “Living in Your Letters…” Many studies have shown that the actions of members were not consistent with the values and policies of their organization. Many see this as a negative as in people might join a group just to say they are a part of something rather than because that’s what they believe. It can also be a positive effect if when choosing their organization they choose the one that best fits them as a person. Then they will have a group of friends sharing the same beliefs which in turn could cause them to feel like they actually connect with multiple members.
Joining Greek life as a freshman can be incredibly stressful. The first few weeks of class people start to realize what organization they might want to join. In Chris Blake’s article he says that the process of being chosen for a certain fraternity or sorority creates many limitations. Fraternities and sororities have created a very “strenuous and selective screening processes utilizing rush events and other tools to determine who they want to become a new member.” Many people are not chosen for the organization they want. He also says that spending a lot of time with a certain group of people could make it harder for someone to branch out and meet people outside of that organization. People get so used to just being with their organization that they often forget there are other people to become friends with. In Kokemuller’s article he also says that being in “tightly knit houses” can limit the ability to branch out. If someone is in an organization that is not very diverse it can affect the ability to interact with different types of people making it less likely....

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