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Postmodern Consumerism And The Construction Of Self

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1. Introduction

The words of proverbial wisdom indicate that “home is where the heart is.” But is this statement as true today as it was fifty, one hundred, or even one hundred fifty years ago? This statement might not be so true anymore. Nowadays, we travel so much and “leave our heart” in many places, as we make friends and create great memories everywhere we go. This led me to ask the question of what actually is a home in the modern society, particularly in the specific case of transnationally mobile students. In exploring this idea I focus on their consumption choices and their importance to building or preserving identity. As Todd (2012:48) reinforces in her article suggestively ...view middle of the document...

Apart from the fact that I experienced it myself once I arrived in Denmark, I wanted to actually research how consumption of various objects is used in order to transform the standard student accommodation into a place that feels like home. Being away from my home, I came to the realization that this particular topic has a lot of potential.
Not only students are transiting from their homes, but along with their departures, they are assuming an overall transition. Leaving behind their culture, familiar places and loved ones, students might feel that their identity is also changing, transforming. As I started to read more and more about this topic and other similar studies (Sixsmith, 1986; Cuba and Hummon, 1993; Hanssen and Danielsen, 2004; Hauge and Kolstad, 2007; Woodward, 2011; Lincoln, 2012; McCarthy et al., 2013), I realized the need for more exploration in this field, especially with a focus on young people.
Therefore, my thesis’ first chapter will focus on some of the theoretical perspectives related to “Consumerism” and “Identity.” After that, another...

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