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Critical reflection
Within this semester we have been looking at Samuel Beckett's Eleutheria. Samuel Beckett was born 13 April 1906 and died 22 December 1989, he is of Irish decent and has had many occupations; novelist, playwright, poet, theatre director, essayist. Eleutheria is a play written in 1947 first written in French. It is said Samuel Beckett had never wanted this play to be published as he was ashamed of his creation. The play itself involves the lives of several families coming together by marriage and scandals, and a son who is hoping to gain his independence through unconventional means. The audience get to see the death of the Head member of the Krap family, the affair between a newlywed and someone who is soon to be wed and a possibly suicide.(Beckett,1996) Whilst reading Samuel Beckett's play we started to learn about postmodernism, our aim is to construct a performance influenced by this concept.
Postmodernism "it resists and obscures the sense of modernism" (Appignanesi&Garratt&Sardar&Curry,2007:4) to further describe the meaning of postmodernism "it implies a complete knowledge of the modern which has been surpassed by a new age"(Appignanesi&Garratt&Sardar&Curry,2007:4). To aid in understanding postmodernism, taking a look at what modernism is helps. Modernism can be defined as "a socially progressive trend of thought that affirms the power of human beings to create, improve and reshape their environment with the aid of practical experimentation, scientific knowledge, or technology" (Wikipedia,06/04/2014). With the use of these definitions the conclusion that postmodernism is the idea to go outside the box, to challenge reality, to look at the hyper real and to interpret the naturalistic settings. Jean-François Lyotard states postmodernism is “the ‘uncompleted project of modernism’ is ‘that of the Enlightenment’” (Frisby,2013:12). Postmodernism can be seen as the unconventional ideology of theatre.
Within our production of Eleutheria we had to audition for the characters we had hoped we would be given. I had chosen to audition for Jacques, I was successfully given the part and so the cast was chosen. Whilst in rehearsals I was given the task to create an entrance that Jacques would have to do every time he enters the stage. At first I decided to over exaggerate my movements by elongating my legs as I walk closer to centre stage, whilst walking in a jagged line and at the same time looking in the opposite direction. My decision to do such movements was due to the fact Eleutheria is a French farce, that meaning this play is meant to be funny. Although many members thought this entrance was funny and also appropriate the director thought otherwise. Being asked to tone it down meant I had to come up with a new entrance. After many choices we managed to come up with Jacques entering from the door walking at a rather fast pace to his right, stopping turning to face the audience and then again at a fast pace approaching centre...

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