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Postpartum Depression And Child Development: An Investigation Of Mothers And Fathers As Sources Of Risk And Resilience

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Written for my "Child Development" class this paper is a journal review of an article dealing with postpartum depression of mother's and father's being a influence on child temperment. The "article" is fully cited in case one want to read it themselves. Enjoy...Postpartum depression and child development: An investigation of mothers and fathers as sources of risk and resilienceCarro, M.G., Grant, K.E., Gotlib, I.H., and Compas, B.E., (1992). Postpartumdepression and child development: An investigation of mothers and fathers as sources or risk and resilience, Development and Psychopathology, 5, 566-579.Reasons:I chose this article because of my interest in the influences of outside forces on aspects of temperament and personality in infants. In fact the title of the article was enough to entrigue me into wanting to use this article for my report. I believe that a depressive environment can promote a depressed personality which in turn can influence temperament negatively and visa versa.Summary of Study:This participants of this study consisted of 70 mothers and fathers who were part of a larger longitudinal study investigating the development and consequences of depression during the postpartum period. The subjects of the larger study were "conveniently" recruited when they arrived for their first appointment with an obstetrician during pregnancy. From the larger study 130 mothers were "randomly" chosen and approached to participate in this study and of the 122 mother's who agreed 70 had husbands who also agreed. At the time the study began the mother's had a mean age of 28.97 years, (Standard Deviation = 3.68), with a mean of 14.48 years of education, (Standard Deviation = 2.17); father's had a mean age of 30.73 years, (Standard Deviation = 4.28), and a mean of 14.47 years of education, (Standard Deviation = 2.73).The participant's depressive symptoms were measured using the BDI rating scale. This 21-item self-report measures affective, cognitive, motivational, and physiological symptoms of depression, and is one of the most frequently used depression rating scales. Each item above consists of four self-evaluative statements scored from 0 to 3 depending on the intensity of each symptom. "Research assessing the validity of the BDI as a diagnostic instrument has found significant correlations of the BDI with psychiatric rating in both psychiatric and student samples," (Michelle G. Carro, Kathryne E. Grant, Ian H. Gotlib, and Bruce E. Compas, 570).The mean BDI scores for mothers and fathers are comparable to those reported in other communities. Twenty mothers, (29%), and seven fathers, (10%), exceeded the cut-off scores (>9) for mild depressive symptoms; three mothers, (4%), and two fathers, (3%), exceeded the cut-off (>18) for moderate depressive symptoms which is a normative sample for this scale. Mothers and fathers depressive symptoms on the BDI were also moderately from postpartum to follow-up with, r = .56, p < .01, and r = .63, P...

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