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Pot: The Reason And The Limit

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Why do they do it? Why do people need to smoke up? And for those that don?t smoke up, especially teenagers who are surrounded by smoking friends, how come they avoid it? What is the reason behind the decision of every teen who says ?yes? or ?no? when the green leaf comes their way?In 1999, an estimated two million people above the age of 12 tried pot for the first time ( The drug is most prevalent among the youth of our nation, as roughly two-thirds of all marijuana users in the United States are aged between 12 ? 17, and nearly the entire remainder of marijuana users is aged 18-24 ( Even more proof that pot is most common among our youth and young adults is provided by The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, as they state that the average age of new marijuana users in 1999 was 16.4 years old for males, and 17.6 years old for females. So what do the people of these age groups say about marijuana, and why they do it?When asking students who smoke pot, all between the ages of 17-20, there was one pattern that was easy to decipher about the reason why these students smoke pot; they do it because it is fun. ?I like the way it feels?, ?It makes me feel good?, ?It?s fun to be high?, and ?It takes the edge off? were the first reasons for about 88% of the pot smokers that were interviewed. One can conclude that these students simply want to have a fun time. There were several instances, however, where weed was not used simply to ?enhance the sensation(s) (of doing something fun)?. One of the pot smokers said ?The answer is simple: I?M NOT HAPPY?. He went on to explain that ?any insecure teenager with tons of expectations and little experience or confidence rebels from the social norm.? This pot smoker felt that with all of the luxuries (as his parents call it) brought upon him came an equally high level of expectations, and ended his interview off with ?After being chastised to a certain point, there seems to me only one way out; my girlfriend ?and my social life ?Mary Jane.?Then we are presented with the other side of the picture; why people choose not to smoke pot. When asking non-smokers of the same age why they choose not to smoke pot, there seemed to be a much greater discrepancy among reasons why not to smoke weed. ?I just don?t because I do not know what is going to happen to me and I don?t want to take a chance?, ?I choose not to [smoke pot] because of the harmful effects it has on the human body?, ?I am an athlete?, ?I have respect for my mother, who taught me not to touch those things?, ?It is illegal?, waste of money, and ?I am somewhat happy and don?t feel like I need pot?. Obviously, people have their own, personal reasons for smoking marijuana, however, when going over the interviews, only about half of the people who do not smoke pot have tried it at least once in their lifetimes, yet, the people who have never tried it seem to have an impression that may not be an entirely precise...

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