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Potato Essay

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What is so extraordinary about a potato? Potatoes became a beneficial source of nutrients around the world. Potatoes originated in South America and were given to the European travelers who took them back to their lands and began to plant them. From the beginning of the first migration which dates back to 8,000 BCE, there have been potatoes. I chose to do potatoes as a topic because I like eating potatoes and wanted to know a little more about them. I never expected to find out so much information about a vegetable that I thought to be very basic. Potatoes are a very fascinating topic. Over time the potato has become popular because it has good nutrition, it can be cooked many ways and it has been positively and negatively changed by genetic modification.
Nutrition in any food is a good thing, but specifically in potatoes because people have been eating them for centuries. What do you get out of eating a potato? Eating a potato gives you a great source of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C, and a good source of vitamins B1, B3 and B6, as well as minerals, including potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. These vitamins and minerals help with the production of energy in the body. You need energy so that you can do daily actives such as focus on a research paper, or walk up a flight of stairs. The potato was recently discovered to have a molecule that helps lower blood sugar. Potatoes help the body maintain a sort of balance that allows us to digest it slowly, keeping us fuller longer, and giving the body a better source of energy to burn when it is finally digested. Can decreasing the vitamin C in potatoes be risky?
Cooking potatoes actually decreases the amount of vitamin C in a normally raw potato. What other nutrients are formed if vitamin C is decreased? When a potato is cooked the vitamin B6 is actually noticed a lot more because the vitamin C is out of the way. B6 is good for your heart and helps to regulate blood sugar levels if eaten daily. There are several different ways to cook potatoes, and even more ways to eat them. Cooking them different ways is actually a reason why some nutrients would be lost and others wouldn’t. Cooking is known for modifying foods, if nutrients are loss due to the addition of heat the potato is now different right?
When potatoes were first discovered by the Europeans traveling from South America they were thought to be toxic. This was because there were myths about some early European eating the potato and dying. In all actuality the real reason the man who ate the potato and became ill was because it ate the stem or leaves of the potato versus the actual potato which grows underground. Now that the myth has been put to rest because people know the correct end to eat, there are more questions arising as to whether or not the color has anything to do with toxicity. So far all researchers can find is that the green potato has just a bit more poison in it than the average potato. Yes, all potatoes have some...

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