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Potato Chips Essay

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1. Introduction
At a restaurant called Moon's Lake House in Saratoga Spring, New York, potato chip was invented by a chef named George Crum in 1853. Potato chips are thin slices of potato, fried quickly in oil and then salted. It quickly became popular around the world. Manufacturers depend on their stored supplies of potatoes, which are kept at a constant temperature, until several weeks before they are to be used.

2.1 Description of Manufacturing Process:
2.1.1 When potatoes arrive at the plant

The first step in manufacturing starts when the potatoes arrive at the plant. Potatoes must first pass tests before they turned into chips. For example potato chip maker checks for external defects and inspect the gravity or weight of the potatoes. Fresh Potatoes, weight about from 150g to 250g and sugar density less than 1%.Color is also important; whiter potatoes are more preferred.

During various stages of production line potatoes moves along conveyer belt by gentle vibrations in order to control the feeding speed, the quality of potato and to keep breakage to a minimum.

2.1.2 Fresh Potato is ready for washing

Potatoes are dumped into a vertical helical screw conveyer in order to allow small stones to fall to the bottom and push the potatoes up to a conveyer belt.

After a brushing machine removes the dirt, the potatoes travel along a water channel to the peeler. After they have been peeled, the potatoes are washed with cold water.

2.1.3 Peeler for taking off potato skin
The clean potatoes are peeled, most often using cylinder-shaped industrial peelers; skins come off in just seconds. The machine can Peel around 12000 pounds of potatoes per hour. After peeling, the inspection conveyor is used for quality control.

2.1.4 Slice potato piece by piece
Next, a machine that separates potatoes by size, the larger once stay on top to be cut. Then the peeled potatoes go through slicers, the slicers can cuts them into 1/20 inch thick. Also it can be sets to different thickness or to different shapes.

2.1.5 Starch washing and waited for fry

The slices potatoes are fall into a second cold-water wash that removes the starch released when the...

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