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Potential Energy—Wind Power Essay

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Walking outside, wind blows towards your face, can you imagine the wind can transfer to electricity? Majority people in China have the idea of the coal-burning as a way to produce electricity. However, coal is a limited resource nowadays. Scientists had found out several alternative ways to produce energy, for example—wind power. Wind power can bring us many benefits because wind is an infinite resource; wind power is environmentally friendly while wind farm is also a low-tax project. Wind power, a new way to create energy, has become more and more popular.

Scientists, nowadays, are concerned about the limitation of fossil fuels worldwide. It means some country whose electricity is most produced by fossil fuels may have the energy crisis in the future. However, other countries, use wind as an energy resource, not have to worry about the situation because wind power is infinite. What actually happens is sun’s heat causes the air to warm up in patches. In a result, some patches of air become warm while other patches remain cold. Hot air gets lighter in weight hence leaves it place and move towards upside, colder air patches are bit heavier there for their rushes to fill up the space that is left unoccupied by heated air, and this process generates wind. Because the sun will not be destroyed in a short time, we will have to wind for such a long time. Thus, wind power has infinite source supply (Solarpowernotes). The infinity of wind makes wind power a endless energy source which may last until the destruction of the earth.
After considering about the energy source, people may think about the efficiency of the producing process and the effect to the environment. Nuclear plant is the most efficient electricity generator and nothing else can replace its significant placement in energy producing area (Sjoden, Ph.D.). Although the nucleus may produce the same amount of power within the shorter period than other forms do, the problem caused by the nuclear crisis can be never fixed. The 2011 Japan Nuclear Crisis is the best example to support the fact that nuclear power may sometimes cause problems. Recently the problem has been brought into focus that we need a clean and safe way to produce the energy. Wind farms, unlike nuclear plants, are harmless to the environment. A wind turbine can utilize 3-5 months to produce enough electricity to offset all the greenhouse gases which are eliminated in the manufacturing process (Perkinsinvest). According to Davidson: “In over 25 years and with more than 68,000 turbines installed around the world, no member of the public has ever been harmed by wind turbines.”

Wind energy represents an environmentally friendly energy that produces no greenhouse gases. Currently, people are worrying about the ecological problems, is there a new way to produce energy without releasing the contamination? Wind energy is your...

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