Potential Role Of Traditional Birth Attendants In Postpartum And Newborn Care

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To gain an understanding of competency based training of TBAs and its effect on both maternal postpartum and new-born care. To investigate the factors that influence the training programs in different cultures with a focus on a rural Angolan district.
The research paper is a descriptive study in which mixed methods have been used. Both qualitative and quantitative techniques are used in this research.
Remote and cultural areas of a rural Angolan district.
150 participants will be involved in the research study, and will be divided into three groups.

The training of traditional birth attendants (TBAs) plays an important and critical role in maternal health and care. The role of the traditional birth attendant is an institution which has evolved since the earliest of times and has continued into the present. (Kama, 1998). In 1984 in the countries of Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, there was observed, a decline in the infant mortality rate when births were attended by TBAs who received training. It is important to consider whether the training of TBAs reduced the rate of postpartum RTIs (these should be written in full once, the first time, after that it is o.k. to put RTI…whatever it is). that are caused by vaginal or other microorganisms. Early detection of the RTIs helps in early treatment of the infections which in turn minimize or prevent some major complications (Germain, Holmes & Piot, 1992).
The World Health Organization (WHO) has emphasized the importance of TBAs in maternal health and child care in the third world countries. However, in countries such as Angola no proper training is provided to the TBAs, and this leads to a failure to perform their work to a high standard. For example, untrained TBAs do not (or can not?) provide proper antenatal care, do not wash their hands before delivery, fail to uncover the pregnant woman for vaginal examination, and are unaware of the hygienic conditions that are related to cutting the umbilical cord. (Rozario, 2009).
The professionalism in the postpartum and new-born care in some African countries, and the lack of skilled and trained mid-wives and TBAs ( is there a difference between a midwife and a TBA ?) high mortality rates of postpartum women and new born babies.

In order to reduce these mortality rates in isolated rural areas Non-Government Organizations have established well-supported training programs for TBAs. The government approves the programs because of the affordable budget and management (Brouwere, & Lerberghe, 2001). These training programs are helpful as they develop talent and ability in the TBAs who are responsible for maternal and new-born care.

The training programs that are designed as competency based curriculums are valid and effective in training the TBAs to perform their clinical practice with skill with an adequate and suitable standard as compared to the traditional training methods....

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