Potential Solutions For Gm And Customs Covers, Inc Decrease In Sales

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Custom Covers, Inc. prides itself in its employee's loyalty and their commitment. In 2006 Custom Covers, Inc posted sales of $240,000. In 2005 Custom Covers, Inc posted sales of $240,000. In 2004 Custom Covers posted sales of $265,000. From these sales figures, the declining decrease in sales is evident. Custom Covers usually has sales of $800.000 or more yearly. Custom Covers, Inc. has lost roughly thirty percent in revenue and has to layoff 350 workers in the last two years. Custom Covers, Inc goal is call these employees back in for work. Custom Covers, Inc cannot call employees back in for work until our sales increase to at least the normal $800,000 annually. Customs Covers, Inc decrease in sales is a result of GM's decrease in purchases from over the last three years. Custom Covers, Inc. is aware of some of the problems that GM are facing concerning GM's decrease in sells and the decrease in the percentage of customers choosing steering wheel covers. As a loyal and concerned business associate Custom Covers, Inc. would like to take this opportunity to provide GM with four potential remedies to increase sales and the possible benefits for GM and Custom Covers, Inc.Lottery Upgrade Promotion and BenefitsThe first proposal that Custom Covers, Inc would like to offer for consideration is the creation of a lottery upgrade promotion. One out of every one hundred GM car buyers, randomly chosen would win a package of upgrades, including the leather steering wheel covers and other upgrades of GM's choice.The lottery upgrade promotion will benefit Custom Covers, Inc and GM by giving customers who may have other wise not chosen the upgrade option, a chance to experience the luxury extras. In return the customers will produce word of mouth advertising which will increase sales. Customers will also be inclined to purchase their next GM vehicle with the upgrade option.Vacation Certificates and BenefitsThe second proposal that Custom Covers, Inc would like to offer for consideration is giving out vacation certificates to each customer who purchases a GM vehicle with the Custom Covers, Inc. steering wheel covers upgrade option. The vacation certificates would guarantee the customers who choose to upgrade, a three day two night luxurious hotel accommodation in their choice of twenty-five destination cities. Free vacation certificates are excellent business incentives that attract customers and increase sales by thirty percent (Demitri 2007). Custom Covers, Inc is a business associate with one of the top travel agencies in the Unites States and the travel agency has verbally agreed to discount prices as long as their business's name is on the certificates. Customs Covers, Inc. will agree to pay half the price of the hotel accommodations and would like for GM to consider paying the other half.The vacation certificates will benefit Custom Covers, Inc. and GM by increasing sales, producing word of mouth advertising through the customers and customers coming back...

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