Pouring Perfection Egyptian Pyramid Contruction

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One of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Great Pyramid at Giza stands out of the desert as a man-made mountain, an amalgamated symbol of ancient Egyptian culture, religion, and art. However, though it is the best known pyramid, Khufu's Great Pyramid is but the epitome of constructional magnificence, one monument in a progressive line of increasingly impressive burial chambers. Khufu's pyramid's aesthetic beauty, its geometrical shape, its complex system of internal features, and the precision of its construction beckon us to search for a design scheme. At 145.75 meters (original construction) high, a near perfect square at the base, with sides of 755 feet that differed from each other by less than 8 inches, and faces that sloped upward at an angle of 51 degrees to reach an apex nearly 500 feet above the desert floorWhile numerous equally unique theories exist, all exist for one sole purpose: to offer an explanation of just how this great pyramid was constructed, and by whom. Eriech Van Daniken coaxes us to believe that extra-terrestrials being(s) were the instructional instrument in the construction of the Great Pyramid of Khufu. Margaret Sear and Clifford Wilson would have one believe that the Egyptians cut their own blocks from rock quarries conveniently situated along the Nile, which they then transported across, hauled to the building location, and then dragged them into place with the aid of thousands of workers with unparallel precision. Joseph Davidovits offers the most logical, convincing, and plausible explanation of the construction of the Great Pyramid. He explains that the blocks of the Great Pyramid were actually composed of synthetic stone and were cast directly on the construction scene, eliminating the near impossible task of transporting such blocks (estimated at weighing 2.5 tons each) from the quarries to the site of the pyramid, and up inclines.Erich Van Daniken expresses his theory; extra-terrestrials with far superior knowledge of such things as the equator and constellations acted almost as contractors, overseeing, assisting, coordinating the assembly of the Great Pyramid. He does not deny that the Egyptians were the actual constructors, but clearly states not only that they were visited by aliens; Erich Von Daniken has suggested that the earth was visited by astronauts from outer space. But also that the Egyptians may have been the offspring, of these space astronauts, regarding them in their primitive state as 'Gods' to return at a later point in time. Their offspring became the human race as it is known today. Eventually they left for the stars, to return at a later, unspecified date. "Primitive" people remembered them as "Gods" who possessed far superior knowledge and skills.To contemporary date, there remain some unanswered questions, this is certain, but to proclaim that Gods or Aliens visited the earth, reproduced to create what is the human race today, and then were revered as gods among our people is...

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