Transfers Alleviate Poverty Or Increase Poverty

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Determine whether you believe that transfers alleviate poverty or increase poverty. Support your position with two examples.
Transfers alleviate poverty, it also an aspect of public good which means it is probably inadequate relative to society’s desires to cure poverty. Therefore government actions provide a more efficient solution. My rational is that government transfer programs alleviate poverty since it benefit lower income households with cash transfer (e.g. social security, SSI, EITC, TANF, federal Bloc grant and state funds) and non-cash transfers (Medicaid, Medicare, Foods stamps, WIC, Housing e.g. section 8 or 15 head start, energy assist). Cash transfer is imperative component in decreasing poverty. McLean and Applegate (pp. 242-244) references that, “The inadequate income of government cash transfers the poverty rate could average 21.1%; with the government cash transfers (income), the poverty rate averaged 13.5%. Government cash transfers condensed the poverty rate 7.5%, or approximately 36% of pre-transfer level. The net effect of the adjustment for taxes, the EITC, and non-cash transfers has remained towards easing poverty rate under what the government’s official poverty rate during the period of 1979 to present is 3% annual.” (Applegate & McLean, 2013) Poverty depend on standards of living in society, this is an index estimate of costs toward a secure minimal of requirements such as food, fuel, sartorial, shelter and transportation. It adjusts for the households/family units scope, gender, maturity of the head of its family unit, number of minors as well as if the shelter is located in a bucolic (rural) or inner-city (urban).
Analyze the approaches to addressing poverty and determine which has been the most beneficial. Provide two recommendations for making the approach you selected even better and explain your reasoning for doing so.
The approaches to addressing poverty are determining if it is voluntary or involuntary among the YOUNG adults NOT the elderly or individuals approaching the senior years, mental or (both) physically disabled. I have seen this with my own eyes. The only government assistance that young adult should receive is WIC (Women, Infants, and Children), medical and dental aimed at up to two dependents, housing for thirty months. The rational is that the elderly are the ones being discriminated against and the ones receiving $10 a month for food because they own a home, vehicle and...

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