Poverty: A Personal Or Public Issue?

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Poverty is both a personal issue and a public issue. A community is as strong as its inhabitants (“A Community”). We often think of childhood discipline in the respect that it takes a village. To further elaborate, it takes a village to influence a strong, prosperous community. However, many people may feel as if it is not their duty to help the poor, that individuals are responsible for their own lot in life. Of course, this should not be the only way of viewing poverty. Surely, the various reasons for poverty also influence the solutions to improving poverty. Moreover, just because someone is living in poverty does not mean that said individual caused the situation or is not trying to ...view middle of the document...

For instance, there may not have been a bond in the relationship, and the individual is able to cope without incident. Accordingly, the individual may have an indifferent attitude. For others, the relationship could have been so strong that the individual does not cope at all, resulting in a no-care attitude that affects every aspect of the individual’s life. Either way, the individual’s resolve usually determines their ability to overcome.
Consequently, personality, willpower, strength, and determination all play an important role in how an individual deals with life. “Survival of the fittest” is a befitting outlook when applied to different aspects of life. The Horatio Alger myth emphasizes that with hard work, anyone can succeed. This belief is very true, but not in every situation. We all have strengths and weaknesses that work for and against us. Some are more disciplined than others, some are more determined than others, and some just need encouragement and guidance to make it through all of life’s ups and downs. These inequalities play a major role in our social lives, as well as our financial lives. For instance, when poverty hits or if it has been a constant in someone’s life, depending on the support system and opportunities available, an individual may become successful or fail. Sometimes, social classes are pre-determined. To elaborate, some people are born into wealth, others are born into poverty, and still others somewhere in between. Depending on whether or not an individual’s parents beat the odds, poverty is sometimes present at one’s birth. Even so, some individuals aspire to acquire more than they were given. Still, others accept the cards they are dealt without putting up much of a fight.
Accordingly, those individuals who are not content with their lot in life, they will attempt to do better. For example, they are willing to excel in school and work part-time jobs to achieve the level of success that removes them from the level of poverty that they have experienced. Of course, this usually happens with a network of friends and family around to cheer them on in their endeavors. In contrast, those who do not know how to begin the expedition to a better life, they, unfortunately, fall by the wayside. Indeed, either these individuals do not have a strong network of support or they do not possess the know-how to begin the trek to self-sufficiency. Sadly, these individuals remain stuck in poverty. Meanwhile, for others, there is no amount of encouragement or guidance that will help them to overcome poverty. For reasons, yet to be determined, they are content with their life as it is. In any case, there have always been those who are rich, middle class, and poor.
Moreover, this level of social stratification has been in place since the beginning of time. Besides, social order and class would not appear to be the responsibility of the community. In fact, many will argue that the government is doing more than enough to support...

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