Relationship Between Poverty And Conflict Essay

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“The world is over-armed and peace in under-funded” This phrase said by Ban-Ki Moon, security general of the United Nations emphasizes the interconnection between poverty and conflict. Though both terms can be used separately the two often interplay with one another when dealing with the issue of human security. In the current year, 2013 citizens in undeveloped and developing countries suffer from lack of human security which is essential in preventing poverty. According the United Nations there are seven areas of security a state must provide in order to protect their citizens from freedom of fear and want (Baylis, Smith & Owens, 2011). Unfortunately, though poverty takes lives everyday citizens that are living under the poverty line have a tendency to be more vulnerable to conflict. Conflict can affect human security in two ways, one it can be the cause of the issue or two it can make the issue worse. By using the examples of Nepal and Sir Lanka, their experiences reveal just how conflict and poverty interplay with one another.
Freedom from fear and freedom from want have two separate concepts of human security. Freedom from fear addresses more violence driven conflict within states. Meaning that to ensure citizens safety, states should provide all citizens with personal security in addition with community security. By protecting a citizen personally and within their community this would ensure that all citizens are free from the threat of violence. Freedom from want addresses more basic necessities which individuals need in order live. This includes food, shelter, the protection from environment degradation and disease (Baylis, Smith & Owens, 2011). Freedom from fear and want together create an ideal standard of security which states should follow in order to maintain the wellness of their citizens. Lack of these features often results in poverty can provoke and worsen the living standards of citizens within states. Poverty in the world is one of the obstacles which possess major controversy for the fact that war conflict makes it increasingly dangerous to intervene. The conflict analysis frame provides six areas which conflict are most likely to take place, these areas include: social and ethnic relations, government and political institutions, human rights and security, economic structure and development, environment and natural resources and external factors (Ganepola & Thalayasingam, 2004). Though these factors are listed individually most of them cross relate with one another in the cases of Nepal and Sri Lanka.
War related conflict often occurs within states that are in poverty. This means that countries that are more prone to poverty are also more prone to conflict. Nepal is a preliminary example of how war is more likely to occur within poorer states for the reason it is one of the poorest countries in the world. In 2011 Nepal was rated 142nd on the human development index out of 179 countries (Panday, 2011). The war in Nepal began...

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