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Poverty And Crime Essay

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Poverty and the relationship it has to crime is a long standing sociological, humanists and historical phenomenon. From the plight of the third world to the violence soaked inner city streets of the 1980’s, the relationship of crime and poverty has been the source of a great deal of social commentary. In societies throughout the world and throughout history there has always been a traditional measure of deviance through relative income gaps. Both poverty and crime as well as their connections are heavily weighed topics of political and social discourse. Opinions in these areas contain a great deal of variance. The prejudices of the old guard from the professional police era still utilize association with poverty as a measuring stick for social deviance. Meanwhile, intelligent social science continues to give insight to factors such as social disorganization, socialization into violence, as well as, the far reaching impact political, economic and justice based policies have on those in poverty.
As a society the United States of America as well as, other tier one nations have been able to effectively deal with such things as looming national economic meltdown, international terrorism and other sources of great social discontent. Yet, not one of these nations has been able to undergo the effective complete removal of the plight of poverty and the problems associated in socially disorganized (poverty stricken) areas. This is why here in the 21st century there needs to a concentrated effort to eradicate not only poverty but, social disorganization centers through positive ethical means. Very few ethical or effective solutions have been enacted by modern and historical government policies. Sociologists have for a long time devised smart plans and suggested ethical solutions through their expertise in the design of social, economic and societal programs and policies effecting this very subject. The research time on this subject has already gained a great deal of potent details into the relationship of crime and poverty. Revitalizing this research as well as, modifying and improving research methods into this subject should be at the forefront of all who are concerned. It is important to continue to explore this discourse even now in America and as well, throughout the world. After all the world lives in a capitalist dominant societal structure in the modern age in which, poverty can be a clear side effect.
If the great social need to eliminate the majority of crime is pursued there is no way address the issue without addressing poverty. Sociology and social sciences should continue< as they always have, to play a role in this dominating subject of social commentary. The solutions to these social problems can be found in the sociological discourse taking place throughout history to this day. That is why when this subject becomes a primary societal concentration, as highly carried and discussed as international terrorism and the national...

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