Poverty And Ethics Essay

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Poverty: a never ending cycle of American disappointment. There are many reasons why poverty is so prominent: the corrupt government, education systems, the never-ending circle, the materialized world, and the morality of it all. Throughout time, people have stumbled among the dilemma of helping or ignoring. We often stumble on the questions, “How do we fix this issue? Can we? Would we?”. Everyone has his or her own opinion on the topic, but does that change the morality of it? Poverty is a very controversial issue in America, but when broken down into causes and solutions it is actually very simple.
The circle of poverty is one main issue in today’s society. How does one climb out go the deep dark despair of deprived people? The American Dream may not even be reachable because of the judgmental views of society. The character of Gatsby from the book The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a prime example of society’s impact on somebody. In the book, the upper class are shown as cruel and heartless people. No matter how a poor person pulls themselves out of depression they will never truly be “great”. Gatsby spends his life trying to be an upperclass citizen, but he inevitably fails. (But, that does not mean a small amount of people do not actually achieve that dream). This cycle of poverty could be broken if there were better educators and schools out there. For instance, a child in a low income household could get into a good school and become a doctor or a lawyer. If the government spent more money on schools than they do on other things, America would not be ranked horribly among the rising nations. In the documentary, Waiting For Superman, people explain how basic education is based on luck. Luck should not be a factor. They parallel bingo to the education of a child. If that does not show the corruption in the public education system then American morality is decreasing quickly. Many kids drop out of school because of the lack of productivity. According to Shipler’s The Working Poor, violence and rape are normal for children less privileged than others. The psychological effects this can have on a child results in...

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