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Poverty And The Beauty Of Communism

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Since the dawn of mankind, at an inexplicable specific point of time, the economic wealth of others have generally classified species into three general categories: rich, poor, and in the middle middle. For millions of years it has existed and for millions of years more it will continue to exist and it will always be one of the multiple foundations that dwell in public opinion. A person’s revenue is something that defines them. The impression of a rich person is illustrated as a person with nice clothes, a nice car, overall nice things. It will never fluctuate. And the same goes for the viewpoint a person has on a poor person. Struggling for food, sitting out on the street with a sign, and dirty ragged clothes come to mind. The differences between someone who searches the trash for food and someone who throws one hundred dollars bills of their million dollar yacht strictly for fun predominantly create the two ends of the social ...view middle of the document...

Cuba, the United States’ Caribbean neighbors, have been under a communist rule since 1959. In a communist nation, there are no classes. There is no money. Without money, everyone is equal. The beauty of communism is that it sounds perfect on paper. Everyone is equal, no competition between class, no need to worry about money, you don’t need to go to work to support your family, just enjoy life, right? The competition between classes that may exist in non-communist nations is completely erased when communist rule takes over. Many influential political publications have swayed the ideas of many throughout recent history, although, no manuscript did more convincing than The Communist Manifesto, authored by German philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. In the early beginnings of the sixty-eight page paper pamphlet that once passed throughout Europe like bubonic plague, the coauthors state, “The history of all hitherto existing societies is the history of class struggles” (Marx & Engels 14). Specifically, Marx and Engels are stating that the competition between rich, poor, and the middle class, have been the basis for all societies in the history of societies. They later bring up multiple examples of nations founded by the theory of class struggle and display how they eventually revolted against each other to bring upon a necessity for a complete recomposition of order or a total collapse of the government as a whole. Marx and Engels were the strongest supporters of communism during their respective lifespans and looked to bring down the usual structure of class clashes and make everyone equal through a new government overhaul.
As influential as Karl Marx and what was later dubbed as Marxism was, his ideas and principles, while sounding authentic and credible, were riddled with outrageous propositions for what he wanted for new government. Marxism brought up a once dismissed theory called the Labor Theory of Value. For example, the Labor Theory of Value would say that one product that takes two hours to make would be twice as valuable as a product that takes one hour to make. While simply impossible to sustain in a positively working nation, Marx was not the first philosopher to make such beliefs known.

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