"Poverty Anonymous": How The Us Sould Handle Foreign Aid.

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POVERTY ANONYMOUSIn dealing with impoverished countries, Hardin likens the situation to a lifeboat, wherein there are only enough places for so many people and only enough food for that exact same number of people . At first this seems to be a good illustration until closer observation reveals it is only true to a certain extent. And as Cousins (1992) points out, the lifeboat view is actually only a selfish desensitization and no help at all. Cousin also points out that, "Once we discover how easy it is to stare without flinching at famine in Calcutta or Dacca, it should be no trick to be unblinking at disease ridden tenements of Detroit of Harlem." And according to Harden the best way to bring down the birth rate is to let people starve, a sort of self sustaining population control. When you take a closer look at countries with a higher birth and death rate, and compare them with developed countries with both a lower birth and death rate, the obvious difference is quality of life. So, as Cousins pointed out, the best way to lower both birth and death rate is not to let them starve and take care of themselves, but to help them achieve a better quality of life. This can best be accomplished by not only giving food, but sharing technology and experience. Some more extreme cases may involve supplying rebel troops with training and weapons .We also must realize every country is different. For instance, Afghanistan and India will not receive the same foreign aid. India will get tractors and grain, while Afghanistan will get bombed. Both are foreign aid, but one is far more extreme than the other. We must also realize there is no quick fix. It will take years for some countries to come around, but we must not give up and allow all the work we have done to help, fail and return to the original mess we began with. I propose a sort of twelve step program involving fewer steps over a longer period of time.In Alcoholics Anonymous the steps are as follows: First admit you have a problem and can not help yourself. The second step in the AA program is to believe someone can help. The third step in the program is to make the decision to allow someone to help. If you know you can not help yourself and you believe someone else can help this step is common sense. I propose we lump all of these steps into one big step and call it admitting a problem and asking for help.The fourth step in the AA program is to take an inventory of your problems. This step is a must as far a foreign aid is concerned, because each country is very different and therefore each country's needs are different. Like I said before, we are not going to send tractors, plows, and seeds to Afghanistan. We are sending troops, guns, and bombs.In the fifth step, each individual is to admit to themselves the exact nature of their wrongs. As far as foreign policy is concerned, this step is useless, as are steps eight and nine, which have to do with making amends for those wrongs. Our goal here, after...

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