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Poverty, Education, And Overdevelopment Essay

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In the past seventy-five years the United States has increased its population over by 200% to a staggering three hundred and fourteen million people according to the United States Census Bureau. This growing number represents a series of unfavorable factors which can have major effects on our country. Detrimental elements such as poverty can have spiraling effects on things such as education, and depletion of our ecosystems natural resources. Overdevelopment in the United States is an increasing issue, as we push the margins of calculated safe population stability; America faces struggles of scarcity and an overall decline in quality of life from its overdevelopment.
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When deficits cuts affects thirty four states of America’s teachers, over two thirds of students will suffer from the strategic solution protecting the United States from overdevelopment; education. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) This staggering amount of cuts from federal budget dependence ultimately lowers the quality of education publically offered across the United States. When our education system is failing to educate the minds of our future, a majority are unable to acquire employment which fiscally meets their family’s needs for survival above poverty. These families rely on government funded programs which help families cover expenses such as Medicare, Foodshare, and financial aid programs. The reason for concern about these programs is that there pay out is based on household sizes and income. Students are becoming more financially dependent on the governments at earlier ages with programs becoming the common household suggestions for temporary budgetary relief increasing federal and state debt. Education provides a foundation to healthier, better informed adult who statistically more inclined to hold off on children till they felt more financially secured. The basic traits education provides is a well implemented population control method to...

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