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Wealth is the many fortunes that billions of people have never gotten a glimpse of. In contrast, poverty has drenched the lives of over three billion people; 270 million of these people are Indigenous. The 15 percent of the world’s indigenous poverty resides in Canada. Issues such as land usage, lack of employment, internal conflicts, poor education, and racism are well known factors of poverty. The Indigenous peoples of Canada are predominantly controlled by the issues derived from poverty.
Since the 1800s, the ways that First Nations used their land was forever changed by the Europeans. Specifically, the British people arrived with the intention of colonization which led to treaty ...view middle of the document...

This issue can be resolved with having courage and a higher educational attainment which will help reduce their poverty rate. Comparatively unemployment and personal conflicts are both caused by destitution.
Personal conflicts such as mental illnesses and substance abuse are rooted to difficult circumstances. According to (Walker):
More Aboriginal youth suffer from psychiatric problems than non-Aboriginal youth and about 16 percent faced major depression, which is twice the Canadian average…. Suicide is the leading cause of the death among Aboriginal people the age of 44 years old. In addition, more than one quarter of Aboriginal Canadians have a substance use problem.
These rates are high due to two things: their history of abuse and discrimination and health care barriers. Attending Residential schools and its post-traumatic effects of abuse is a factor. Moreover, the lack of access to health care services is another reason on the increase usage of substances and Aboriginal death. As a result, problems created by discrimination, abuse and lack of health care are all associated to poverty along with poor educational systems.
Lacking of educational quality is an aspect of underdevelopment. Firstly, the difference of funding between provincial and an Aboriginal school discriminatory. Evidently, Laboucane (2010) stated that “ … over the course of ten years there has only been 19 percent in increase in funding for reserve schools, while provincial schools had a 45 percent increase.” Secondly, a lot of reserve schools are not well taken care of. As an example, a school in Attawapiskat had unacceptable heat trapping insulations; along with diminutive snakes were abundant throughout the institution. Educational problems and poverty would now exist if the government were not underfunding the Aboriginals. Nevertheless, inadequate education is not the only thing associated with impoverishment it is together with racism.
Racism is the root of Aboriginal poverty. Racism is defined as...

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