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Poverty: Factors And Solutions Essay

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While living in a large city, I am confronted on a weekly basis by strangers asking me for money or come across a person holding a sign stating they need help, money, or that anything would help. Although many of these people indeed are in need I have become skeptical to those who are not and hold those types of signs after getting out of a car nicer than my own. My over view on the low to no incomed citizens is souly based on what I have witnessed and for those that I have seen lie makes me very unwilling to personally give anyone money. Again from a personal veiw and hypothetically if every person in need was being truthfull I would not hesitate to lend a helping hand and provide them with any spare money I had. From seeing familys on the streets to addicts begging for beer money, there are many questions that wonder in space. Such questions include what caused these types of people to be so dependant on others. As defined, poverty is the state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions (Merriam Webster). Many factors play a role in the average low incomed individual which for the majority include the lack of abiltity to get a job, the rates at which a job pays in cordilation with the price on living, and the lack of education.( Haskins, Ron).
With the current economy status, a well established job is not easly obtainable. The trend of decreasing job avalibility is gradually becoming more apparent in our modern day economical stability. Between the years of 1980 and 2009, work rates for men declined from 74.2 percent to 67.6 percent (Haskins, Ron ). The work rates for women are very similar to those of men. With there beging such limited work many children live in poverty as well and grow up potentionally never being able to get out. This could easly cause a child to head down the wrong paths such as crime or coping with poverty by using drugs.In turn the poverty would never be able to be overcame and my pass through generations. There are many ways that a family could move toward the middle class from poverty for example taking advantage of the welfare programs and finding a suitable job.
I find it difficult to comprehend that a healthy person that has the motovation to stand outside holding a sign for hours on end lacks the motovation in getting a real job. I am only twenty two years old with a rather small resume and I was able to find a great job at a great paying wage. There should be no reason the people in need can not go out to a temp agency and recieve a job other than for unrealistic reason. Drugs, alcohol and abusing the welfare program to me, seems like that only reason.
A minimum wage is a designated amout of money the state has set that all companys must offer to thier workers. Michigans current minimum wage is set at seven dollars and fourty cents. Minimum wage workers are more likely to be teenagers, college students or part-time/full-time secondary earners, rather than...

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