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Poverty in Canada is rising and it needs to stop now! According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development or the OECD the poverty rate in Canada has been on a steady rise in the mid 1900’s until the late 2000’s. The two most affected types of people are children at 38 percent and aboriginal or First Nations people at 11 percent. The rest of the population stands at 4.3 percent on the scale of poverty in Canada said Food Banks Canada. There are tons of reasons why poverty is rising and why people are living in poverty, like drug or alcohol addiction. There are many more reasons why the poverty rates are so high, a recent poll indicated that 51 percent of people living ...view middle of the document...

Children are usually born into poverty because their families are in the poverty cycle, the government is trying to figure out and change this cycle by reducing taxes and ensuring access to health care. By doing this families may be able to afford the basic needs of living and support themselves as well as their children in an acceptable way. The Assembly of First Nations says they 40 percent of aboriginal people are under the age of 20 and they are the fastest growing population. Lots of First Nations people are living in poverty because of unemployment and substance abuse. Bother genders are equal in rates of child poverty but once they hit their teens and woman start to have children the female rang starts to enlarge drastically. Child poverty can occur after a simple move from one part on Canada to another or from one country to another. Child poverty effects all people, religious, and races in Canada, weather they have been born and raised here or they are from another country. (Tapscott & Officer)
Lone parent families and feminization of poverty is huge in Canada; low income and bias work places take a huge role. Marriage and divorce have been looked at as woman is left with a minimum wage job alone with a child to support after a divorce and expensive lawyers to...

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