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Kenya is a country located in eastern part of Africa.it is estimated to be having a population of 40 million people .Even though it is experiencing equatorial rainfall the all seasons, good tourist attraction sites and fertile land due to its geographical location. Large percentage of the population is suffering from poverty. Poverty in Kenya is caused by three main reasons Corrupted, selfish and ambitious government leaders, tribalism, poor road and infrastructure and lack of jobs.
Most Kenyan leaders are very corrupted, selfish and ambitious. They care about themselves and their families and not majority who elected them. Instead of serving the society they are busy competing among themselves allocating funds to themselves and embezzling government funds to their foreign accounts. The majority suffer because government is forced to increase taxes due to mismanagement of funds and poor economy in order to sustain the country and make it run. Consequently its citizen end up suffering, a lot of tax is imposed on them, salaries become less and they are forced live poor life standard in order to meet their daily needs with the little income they get, also when tax is increased products price increases, as a result life become unbearable, individuals are unable to cater for their needs and they are forced to cut short their budgets by limiting expenses, for example some family eat food once a day in order to save and be able to have meal each day., in situations where indivuals don’t work they are forced to beg in the streets, as time goes by their health detorriate and they end up dying due to malnutrition or hunger. People suffer not because they are lazy the situation around them lead them into such miseries.
Although Kenya is one country, it’s divided into eight regions and each region is occupied by different communities. People relate according to the language they speak and not as individuals from one nation. It’s a problem that is pulling the country backward, people who want change are unable to figure out the root cause of tribalism and how to end it .Every region want the best for itself, when it comes to distribution of resources, those who have power benefit...

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