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Poverty In Less Developed Countries Essay

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Poverty in Developing and Less Developed Countries

The world includes less developed countries and developing countries.
Less developed countries are countries considered to be poor and often
contain many people who are in absolute poverty. Developing countries
are countries like India, which are gaining in wealth.

There are two types of poverty within the world. Absolute poverty is
where people don't have enough money to provide standard living
conditions for themselves and characteristics of substandard lives are
disease, malnutrition, and low-life expectancy. Relative poverty is
where a person is considered poor in relation to the average wealth
held in their society.

Poverty is a major problem within the developing world. The developing
world holds 75% of the world's population yet only 20% of the world's
wealth. This presents a problem and the shortage of money leads them
into the vicious circle of poverty, where one factor leads to another
and eventually the situation spirals to terrible extents.

Natural disasters plunge developing world countries and less
economically developed countries. For example the heavy flooding that
wreaked havoc on the inhabitants of Mozambique and the Gujarat
earthquake disaster of early 2001. The disasters cause poverty because
these countries are often weak financially and cannot afford to
restore their country after extensive damage. Therefore due to lack of
resources the situation gets worse. It affects their inhabitant's
lives causing a lack of production leading to being unable to provide
for citizens. In turn leading to poverty, as they cannot even provide
substances to trade and lose money. Other factors that affect the
lives of citizens are lack of clean water and standard education. Lack

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