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Poverty In Nigeria Essay

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Poverty has been occurring all over the world. Poverty is a condition of being poor. Basically it means having a very tiny amount of money, food, water, and support. One place where poverty has been occurring is Nigeria. There has been a lot of poverty in Nigeria over the past 10 years. More than half of Nigeria’s population has been suffering with poverty. There have also been surges that are over 60%. Some of the reasons Nigeria has poverty is because of their living standards, which hasn’t changed since the 1970’s, corruptions is excluding the country from developing, unemployment, non-diversification, inequality, and poor education systems. Nigeria has poverty, which can be solved by ...view middle of the document...

Unemployment is leading to many crimes to occur. Corruption is another cause of poverty. Funds from the government are not being used properly by the leader. The leader becomes selfish and uses it for his own needs and his family. The Nigerians have gradually learned to accept corruption. An unfair government and the misuse of money just raised poverty. Non-diversification is another cause of poverty. Nigeria does not produce a variety of products; it only produces one, which is oil. Nigeria also exports so much of it. Inequality is also one reason for the cause of poverty. The income is different between the rich and the poor. The rich have a higher percentage of income then the poor. The cause of this unequal distribution is the leaders of Nigeria. The leaders are most likely rich and so they would want a better income for themselves. Another cause for poverty in Nigeria is laziness. Some Nigerians don’t do anything and still expect to have a decent living. They all hope that the bread winner can support them, but when the bread winner dies they have no idea what to do and then their fortune becomes less and less. One other cause of poverty in Nigeria is poor education systems. Those that didn’t or don’t have an education are known as those that are the most poor. Education is considered as what keeps the country going, but without education, a country is basically useless. There are certainly any causes for poverty. (Poverty in Nigeria: Some Dimensions and Contributing Factors)
There are many organizations and nations that have tried to approach and fix poverty in Nigeria. One non-profit organization is the Hunger Project. They want to end poverty by helping out the women. They want the women to rely more on themselves than others to meet the needs and to have a good future for their children. Another non-profit organization is Jubilee USA. This non- profit organization is consisted of many different groups that are working to cancel the forcing debts that are leading to poverty. ONE is another non-profit organization. This non-profit organization is consisted of over 2 million people living in the entire world and those that are very devoted to getting rid of...

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