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Poverty In The Philippines Essay

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Poverty In the Philippines

The rich, the middle class, and the poor; are described by the way we live and the amount of money one has. There are many different ways of describing what poverty is, whether it is by how you live or how much money you have. What is poverty and what does it mean to be poor? Not many of us know the true meaning of these terms. Poverty is an issue dealt with throughout the world, but we are not all aware if its conditions. Poverty is a very serious problem around the world. Poverty is defined as the equality to poorness and impoverishment -- (the state of having little or no money and few or no material possessions). A question to ask ourselves is: “Should poverty be defined strictly in terms of monetary income, as opposed to some qualitative formula which takes into consideration styles of life as well as material possessions?” (Sheppard 13) Because there are so many different ways we can express the term poverty, maybe there should be a certain way we can determine poverty world wide? A person might look like they are poor or think that they are, but by definition they really are not even close. Every country has poverty levels that decide if they are poor or not. The Philippines is a country that deals with this issue on a daily basis.

The Philippine islands are located in Southeastern Asia, between the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea, east of Vietnam. The country is made up of about 7000 islands, only 2000 of those islands are inhabited. The population of the country includes about 84,619,974 people. The people of this country are all very close to their families. They work together to make the income that their family needs to survive. Sometimes they will do anything possible for this to happen. Everyday is a struggle to gain food and income in order to keep them alive. There are many contributing factors that do not help out the Filipino’s when trying to make an income. Luck does not always go their way. Throughout the course of the year the islands are affected by many hazardous natural disasters which all play a significant role in the economy of the country. The Philippines are considered the most disaster prone country on earth including; typhoons, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, garbage landslides, and military action against the Muslims. Because of these disasters many people loose their homes and everything they own. They are then left without anything. Soil erosion is also another major concern for the Pilipino people. Because the farmland is one of the major money producing systems in the country loosing that leaves people without jobs and farms. Families are forced to sell their farms. They don’t move away from their farms but the farms then just become extinct. “The Philippines maintains a very large population on a fragile land base. It is among the most densely populated countries in the world. Furthermore, though over half of...

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