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Poverty In The World Essay

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PovertyPeople may think that the cause of poverty is laziness. This can be right but it is also wrong. The term poverty may have vastly differing meaning to people from different countries or backgrounds (poverty pg723). However, when humans hear poverty, it will mean to them to have lack of enough income and resource to live adequately by community standards or in other words the situation of being poor. This does not mean that lazy people are poor because they did not study well or work hard. Some people that are in poverty work hard and they are still poor because they have no fortune with them. Each individual in this world has a different cause for being in poverty. There are three reasons that can cause poverty which are laziness, misfortune and culture poverty, and further more it will talk about the treatment of poverty.The first reason that can cause poverty is laziness. Most of the people in the world are poor because of laziness. The word 'laziness' causes a man to be unskilled because of lack of effort. In the Old Testament it is stated "that many people were poor because they were oppressed by individuals or governments" (Kerby, Bible). God created men to work hard and get skilled to ovoid poverty, but no all people can do that, even though He gave them the ability to avoid it, they still cannot avoid laziness. Laziness causes procrastination and procrastination causes pressure and a man like that would be a failure in this world and to God. Most of the people that are lazy in this world have hard times dealing with work, and because of that they attempt of suicide. However, not all humans are brave enough to kill themselves, as a result they face poverty. Therefore, if man cannot come out of laziness and be diligent can cause him to have poverty. (Kerby)The second reason for a cause of poverty can be misfortune. Another definition for misfortune is to have no luck, unlucky, no fate, etc. It is stated in the bible "we learn that God allowed Satan to test Job by bringing misfortune upon him"(Bible, Kerby). If you are born into a rich society were there is a good system it would be called a fortune to be able to live in a good society. This can be unreasonable for some people and for other people it can be reasonable because if there is fortune to somebody wherever he/she lives he will have a better way to get out of poverty. For example, if some one lives in Africa where many people are poor, there is more chance for him to get poor and in the other hand, someone living in the US where there is a better government and economy, there is less chance to be poor (Families in poverty). This is not always true, but in some cases it happens to be true because of the government and economy that he/she will live on is different. In addition if he/she lives in a city/country were there are many jobs he/she has fortune to live in a good society. There are many cities over the world that needs more jobs. As a result, if a human lives in a good...

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