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Poverty In The Usa Essay

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How would you feel if you didn’t have a place to call home? Some states have higher poverty rates than others such as California. Almost half of the world over 3 billion people live on less than $2.50 a day. People don’t look into poverty because they’re usually not the one who’s struggling in life. Even though there are other important issues, the government should provide more money and attention to the less fortunate because it will overall benefit the country and help ignorant citizens to realize that people make mistakes sometimes and they need help to get back on their feet.
Many have argued that poverty isn’t a major concern, yet there many people and children struggling to live on ...view middle of the document...

A supporter of Charles Darwin stated “I see no reason why humans should be exceptions for the theory survival of the fittest. For those who choose to stay poor, as mentioned by others, should just be ignored, starved and eventually eliminated from society to create more space for the more capable people” Many people in the world believe the less fortunate shouldn’t be supported but I think their philosophies are inaccurate.
Although many may say impoverished people shouldn’t be helped and isn’t an enormous concern I disagree. If the government supported the homeless people the unemployment level will decrease and there would be more jobs and money which will benefit to a better economy. The first reason that we should help the less fortunate is because the United States is wealthy enough to afford it. The Government spends millions of dollars in program’s and organizations that don’t need the money which doesn’t benefit our country. Our tax money should be spent more productively like giving financial aid to people who have nothing or making more shelters...

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