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Death and the Maiden and Punishment are literatures that are about woman that have suffered in their life`s, but at the end they make choices that made them happy. These two literatures explain the power women can contribute through control. Paulina and Chandara are from two different countries and backgrounds, but very similar when it comes to completing a goal in their life`s they have to fulfill. Chandara and Paulina are two woman that seem weak at the beginning of the story and play, but as they set on a target they become strong and wise on the decisions they make. A major them that occurs in Death in the Maiden and Punishment is control.
Control is defined as, to dominate or command of something or someone. In Death and the Maiden and in Punishment, Paulina and Chandara take control of their life`s and decide how to live them without anyone telling them how to live their life`s. Chandara possess self realization when she uncovers that her husband does not truly care about her and starts making her own choices and have self-respect towards herself. Also, Paulina knows she wants Roberto to say the truth that he raped her. With Roberto saying he raped her, she will feel free and more secure with herself after knowing she heard what she wanted to hear.
Also, one main thing that affects women in Death and the Maiden and in Punishment is the way their country runs the government. Death and the Maiden takes places in Chile; in Chile the government was run by military dictatorship, but years later it became a democratic state(Gascoigne). Even though Chile became a democratic state, women did not have the power or control to do what pleased them. For example, in Death and the Maiden, Gerardo is telling Paulina to take Roberto to court, but in Paulina case regarding Roberto she is and outsider when it comes to law knows they judges will not do anything and knowing Roberto will not go to jail if taken with the judges, she just wants him to confess what he did to her(Dorfman). Here we can see that Paulina knows she will not get justice from Chile from what Roberto did to her, and she decides what to do to Roberto and take control of his life`s. In Punishment, India has a government that is democratic republic, which is ruled by the Indian National Congress(Urvashi). In India women are not treated equally as men. For example, living in India, Chandara is told by her husband to tell the police she killed Rahda to save his brother from going to jail and Chandara agrees and when she is in trial she is informed that she will be hanged as a punishment for committing a crime(Rabindranath). Chidam does not want her to die and he says his brother killed Rahda; Chandara refuses the truth and here is were she takes control of her own destiny and agrees to her death as a punishment for her husband for betraying her.
In addition,...

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