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The stone had begun to crack, the wind brushed by, blowing leaves into my face and the flowers away from the grave of a dear forgotten friend. I looked at my watch to see the time and noted my sleeve, made wet with tears.
"Ralph," said a voice not to far off "I reckon it's about time we got going, we're going to be late"
"Yes, I'll be there in a moment" I replied.
I thrust my hand into my pockets and turned, pausing for a moment, wanting to turn back and see him standing there, and then walked forward slowly, passing by a tall man with fiery red hair and a regretful look on his face, as if yearning to make an apology he did not have the words for.
I said in a quiet voice
"Let's go"
"Did Sam mention where we ought to meet?" said the other man
"A small coffee shop, near the train station"
We walked for a time, silent until he struck up a conversation
"How long has it been exactly?"
I did not need to ask what he meant, I knew, we all did.
"Twenty years four months and thirteen days." I answered hoping we could talk more, and remove the uneasy feeling. He half smiled.
"I can still remember it clear as day," I spoke as if it was a happy memory "the first time I blew the conch and we all gathered for a meeting as if it was planned," He looked surprised that I was speaking of it so willingly
"And when we first explored the island." I said.
He smiled suddenly.
"Me and you and simon!" He started suddenly
"Was that before or after we voted for chief?" I asked "I don't remember."
"Oh no that was after," he answered quickly "when they all voted you, oh i was jealous.”
"Yes yes I recall," I said slowly remembering the event "you didn't show it but I could see the anger in your eyes, I decided to let you have control of the choir and you made them -"
"Hunters," he cut me of "they were hunters.”

"We had power on that island," I spoke softly again "No adults, no police we made our own justice and we let it get to our heads."
He paused for a moment and said with an assuring tone "but were in the civilized world again, justice will always prevail."
"This world is ruled by those with strength," I said almost laughing "justice will prevail you say, ha, of course it will, because the powerful will become justice!"
We stood silent for what seemed like forever. Suddenly I heard a voice calling out
"Ralph, Jack over here!"
“Sam, Eric, you bloody bastards!" Shouted out Jack as we ran to the post office and turned into the train station "how've you two been?" We slowed as we entered the station and walked to the twins Sam and Eric. "We're quite well thank you." Sam started as Jack took his arm by the wrist and slapped him on the shoulder. "Hello Jack, Ralph" said Eric.
"You two," I said happy that we could talk casually like this "how's the wife Sam?"
"Oh she's doing well," he said suddenly "actually she's spending some time with her sister-in-law."
Me and Jack look surprised
"Sister-in-law?" Jack said confused
"Oh I haven't told you yet," Sam said "Eric's...

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