Power & Dependency Correlation Essay

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Everything in the world has a price. Whether it is a cab ride to the airport, a new tattoo at the local parlor, or a stick of gum at the corner store, it has a price. Purchasing goods or services entails entering into a social contract. Without formally putting the terms in writing, an agreement is made that the vendor will be compensated for the goods or services they provide to the consumer. The scenario creates a mutual dependency/power issue for both. The consumer has a need or dependency on the vendor, for whatever they are purchasing. The consumer is relying on the vendor to meet that need. In order to keep the business profitable, the vendor needs money; preferably enough to meet ...view middle of the document...

Coercive power is derived from fear of negative results because of non-compliance. Reward power is based on the ability to elicit compliance through the ability to distribute rewards viewed as being valuable. Legitimate power is gained through formal hierarchy within an organization. While reward power and legitimate power are often viewed in a positive manner, coercive power can a have a negative affect on employees. Coercion of others is often considered bullying. The marketing manager’s continual mentioning of employee evaluations and how they affect bonuses causes apprehension among the marketing department. The employees’ fear of a bad review continually causes them to work long hours for many days at a time. The long days without a break and continued nagging from the marketing manager will eventually cause employee burn out. The burnout will result in loss of productivity and a severe drop in morale. The marketing manager holds legitimate power because of the organization hierarchy, therefore employee compliance is considered to be mandatory. However, instead of constant admonishment, the marketing manager could use inspirational appeals or consultation along with reward power to obtain employee compliance. The influence tactics along with the rewards the marketing manager controls would be an ideal combination. Those tactics would result in a friendlier environment for the marketing employees along with increased compliance and productivity. The employees would feel more like problem solvers instead of order takers. By using the correct influence tactics and reward power, the marketing manager would create a harmonious environment where employees are happy to put in whatever time is required to get the job done. The marketing manager could even use comp days as part of reward power to give employees a rest after a long stint at the office. Rewards are great, but time off from work is even better.
Personal power is categorized in two bases, expert, and referent power. Expert power comes from having a skill set which is not easily obtained from other sources while referent power is obtained from having traits or resources considered desirable by others. Expert power gives an individual the ability to do things not easily done by others in an organization. Employee 2’s standing as the only certified public accountant in the company gives employee 2 the ability to make requests of the...

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