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“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
To what extent does this statement reflect William Golding’s insights in Lord of the Flies? Does recount and therefore can exlude read first 500 words …

Power has the potential to corrupt, partially or absolutely, when the motivation is self-interest, rather than the good of others. This view of power is reflected in William Golding’s novel The Lord of the Flies. As the plot progresses, we see changes in the exercise of power based on the motivation, lying either in themselves or others. Ralph initially demonstrates a just and fair leader, with his interests placed upon the group, however by the end of the novel, he attempts to gather power for himself, leading to the abuse of partial power. Jack, on the other hand, began his chase of absolute power with self-interest and progressively leading to the absolute corruption of power.

In the beginning of the Lord of the Flies, Ralph exercises his power over the boys with the motivation of being rescued and surviving on the island. Ralph is elected to be the leader of the group and is soon seen to be a typical democratic leader; open to ideas and allowing space for discussion. Every single boy had a say and were allowed to take part in conversations regarding their next course of action and how they wanted to ensure survival. Ralph displays his new authority in the general interest of all the    schoolboys to unite them with one reason, for survival and rescue, clearly stating his objective: “We want to be rescued; and of course we shall be rescued.” The imperative language used exhibits his power and emphasises the certainty and his strong belief in rescue, regrouping the boys, and not only himself. In addition, he uses and repeats the word ‘we’ to highlight the inclusiveness of his democratic power and to emphasise his motivation of power benefiting not only himself but everyone in the group. Ralph is shown to exercise his power through structure and order, demanding jobs set for the boys and asserting rules such as: “We’ve got to have special people for looking after the fire…we ought to have more rules.” In this quote, we can see his desire for order and structure not only so that he can maintain his power, but also the inclusion of everyone seen once again through the repetition of the word ‘we’ to show that not only was the fire and rules for himself but for the entire group. The need for a fire and the rules established were all for the good of the group of boys for their safety and survival. The qualities of a good leader reside in Ralph, where he displays his motivation as a leader as that of good will of others, and it highlights the leadership power he uses to benefit everyone in the group.

However as Jack begins to unite the boys under his control through the desire and need for meat, Ralph begins to lose his democratic power to Jack’s tyrannical power. When Jack and his group of boys began to dance in celebration of...

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