Power In Pi Yo Work: Benefits In Health

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Working out is guaranteed to result in healthful advantages, right? Right! PiYo is a different form of exercise that involves health benefits to the body. It incorporates the mind and body practices of yoga and Pilates, and as a result produces an athletic workout that syndicates the aspects of sports stretching, strength training, conditioning and movement. It is designed to improve a participant’s fitness level while also challenging their level of ability as the exercise progresses (Powder Blue Productions), while also providing a relaxing atmosphere. However, aside from the traditional forms of meditation and relaxation, it neglects to involve spiritual chants, meditation, or Sanskrit terminology that is traditionally expressed through various exercises, such as yoga. PiYo, along with its various components, is what allows the body to explore a relaxing environment that focuses on flexibility, core and muscle strength, and health benefits regarding the components of yoga and Pilates.
Yoga was originally practiced to meditate, pray, heal and restore energy nearly five thousand years ago in India. It was typically practiced by Hindu monks of the Hindu religion. They practiced forms that consisted of physical posture, chanting, meditation, and spirituality (Powder Blue Productions). However, Yoga now has various branches due to the numerous practices and applications that have evolved. Yoga is a mind-body therapy that aims to unite the body, mind, and spirit. Moreover, Yoga is more than just the uniting of the mind and body through exercises and breathing, “it is also viewed as a “tradition of lifestyle, health, and spirituality” with practices integrated into daily life to create balance, health, and harmony” (Fouladbakhsh 40) that are also components to benefit life. Yoga has numerous beneficial aspects when maintaining the health of the body.
There are various aspects of Yoga that benefit the health and wellness of a person. Yoga is known to reduce stress while also restoring energy, it increases strength and flexibility, releases toxins from the body, improves balance and posture, and connects the mind and body (Powder Blue Productions). Its components are capable of keeping an individual relaxed, yet it accomplishes the goal of training the body and maintains health. In addition, it has been recognized as a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM therapy) for cancer patients. The number of individuals involved with the practices of Yoga has increased from 4% to 5% over a five year period. “Benefits of yoga interventions include enhanced respiration; improved appetite and bowel habits; increased sense of peace and tranquility; fewer cancer- and treatment-related symptoms; and improved sleep quality, mood, and cancer-related distress” (Fouladbakhsh). With that said, over 800,000 cancer patients and survivors participate in this form of therapy. The incline of individuals partaking in this exercise is anticipated,...

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