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After all of the deaths and heartbreaks that he had endured, Poe’s mental stability was very questionable. Virginia’s death had made Poe emotionally unstable, distraught, and conflicted. His deranged mentality during this time made his writing very dark and incredibly creepy. “Many people believed that he had criminal tendencies” due to the works he published during his depressed times (Lockwood 32:17). Poe would become paranoid because of all of the drugs he in took. He would “believe that people are after him and were trying to kill him” (A&E 1:09:13). At various times, Poe was “viewed as a maniac depressive, dope addict, an epileptic, and an alcoholic” (CliffNotes 1). Poe’s heavy drinking did not help his unfit mind; in fact, it just seemed to add to his insanity. Poe lost several writing jobs because of his drinking habits. Poe wanted to quit drinking, so he “joined ‘The Sons of Temperance’ in hopes that he could be cured” (Biography 2). These rough patches in Poe’s life made for creepy and interesting stories that helped contribute to his fame.
At the beginning of the career, Poe was not well known. Even though many copies of his works were published, Poe would not receive enough money from sales. While living in poverty, “publishers [would take] advantage of [him] because he was so poor, hungry, and desperate to make money” (A&E 27:46). It took Poe several tries to gain the attention of the public eye. Poe received the help of John Neal and John P. Kennedy who “began to support his efforts to attain literary prominence” (Dameron 1). In 1845, Poe finally achieved the success that he had been waiting for. ‘The Raven’ was “published in The New York Evening Mirror and had bought Poe overnight fame” (Dameron 1). This short story received raving reviews amongst critics and readers. Once ‘The Raven’ was published, “many of [Poe’s] other works began selling as well” (CliffNotes 1). Huge crowds began going to his lectures and readings, and his popularity soared.
The death of Edgar Allan Poe is one of the biggest mysteries in the world of literature. On September 30, 1849, Poe boarded a train that was supposed to take him to New York, but he ended up getting on a train that took him to Baltimore instead. “No one knows for sure what happened to Poe during his last few days of his life,” we only know what happened after October 3 (Biography 2). “On October 3, Poe was found at Gunner’s Hall,” in a delirious state and in someone else’s clothing (Biography 2). Poe was immediately taken to Washington College Hospital where he spent his last few days. While in the hospital, Poe was in and out of consciousness and was never able to explain what was wrong with him.
On October 7, 1849, the world’s greatest poet died. The cause of Poe’s death is a puzzle to everyone. “Most biographers agree that Poe died of alcoholism – officially ‘congestion of the brain,’” however his actual cause of death was never confirmed (CliffNotes 2). Medical...

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Power Of One Essay

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Power Of One Essay

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