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Is man ever in control of the natural world? Or are we only ever in a temporary contract with it? We see pictures of towns being swallowed whole by the sea on news, renewing the balance of power between man and nature. Man for years has struggled in its relationship with nature, and at one time attempting to give gifts of sacrifice to control weather or like today, attempting to gain control through manipulative science. In John Millington Synge's tragic realistic one-act play Riders To The Sea he explores the power struggle between man and the sea through the realistic portrayal of the fisherman mentality. This one-act play unwraps an image of the past with use on symbolism, Aristotles unties, and the emphasizes of dialogue over action.
John Millington Synge's Riders To The Sea brings to life a realistic representation of Irish society, culture and religion. This one-act play portrays a poor Irish peasant family through a day of they're life. Synge's play is set in the Aran Islands, capturing the rural lifestyle and dialogue of the primitive area. The Aran Islands are a group of three small islands off the coast of County Galway in western Ireland. The characters lived modestly in a small cottage with no windows and only had what they could piece together themselves. Their clothing was made from their own wool, their diet based on fish and potatoes, and they even created their own fertilizer from seaweed. Like most modern societies this rural area is based on an economical structure. These people are slaves of the sea, living off of it and dieing because of it. This play struggles with the soiled truth of the Irish peasantry (Saifullah).
In Riders to the Sea the household held to patriarchal standards, keeping the men dominate figures in the family life. The character Maurya was the mother of eight children including six sons who were all absorbed into the fishing culture and because Maurya was a women she was helpless in protecting her sons from the dangers of the sea (Saifullah). Maurya's family depended on the sea but was also being destroyed by it and because of the male dominated social culture she was left helpless to protect her family.
Synge's tragic one- act play, Riders to the Sea explores the use realism when telling the tale of a poor, helpless, fishing family. The plot depicts the magnitude of mans suffering through the obstacles in life. The action in Riders to the Sea remains limited to in time, place, and plot, following Aristotle's three unities. The unity of time requires the action within the play to take place within twenty four hours or less. This method is used by Synge as the majority of the plot of his short one-act is held in a small cottage on the coast with the time span of a day. The unity of action is displayed by the manner in which all the actions of the play revolve around the same issue, the depressing passing of each male member of the family. Synge opens the play with the confirmation of the death...

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