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Mankind is drawn to the idea of power and its benefits. Power is something everyone wants, and in these two stories characters abuse their power and their strength to keep it. Power in all of its forms is a weakness to those who abuse it. In the book Lord of The Flies and in the short-story “I Only Came to Use the Phone” abuse of power stems from the philosophy that the strong should conquer the weak, and readers also see the major abuse of power in both stories play on the fact that abuse of power only weakens the abuser.
In both of the stories, power is something to be desired, and the characters resort to abusing both their power and strength to maintain it. The types of power are ...view middle of the document...

Similar to this, in the short story, “I Only Came to Use the Phone” the main character’s name is Maria. Abuse of power occurs all around her, but she cannot control it because she is being held against her will. Maria is the “weak” character compared to the authority figures in the story. The authority figures do things such as withhold information from Maria. Maria asks simple questions and gets nothing but vague answers. “”Where are we?” Maria asked. “We’ve arrived.” answered the woman.” (Marquez 72) Maria cannot control the amount of information she is given, because she has no power in the asylum where she is being held. Maria also is given false information, which is another way for the authority figures to abuse their power. For example, “”Is there a telephone?” Maria asked. “Of course,” said the woman. “They’ll show you where it is,”” (73). This is an outright lie. The authority figures never planned on giving her access to the phone and are only placating her. The authority figures abuse their power and strength to control their patients such as Maria, and it is yet another example of the idea of “the strong over the weak.”
Furthermore, abuse of power does weaken the people that abuse it. In the short story “I Only Came to Use the Phone” the men and women in positions of power are “strong” while the patients are “weak.” This is proven by the matrons and doctors in charge doing things such as withholding information and placating their patients. There is a matron named Herculina. When readers first meet her, she is described with, “…a gigantic matron wearing mechanic’s overalls stopped her with a blow of her huge hand and held her immobile on the floor in an arm lock.” (Marquez 75) Readers see that Herculina is a dangerous matron, “…two inmates had been strangled by her polar bear arm skilled in the art of killing by mistake,” (75). It was proved that the first death had been an accident, but “The second proved less clear…” (75) Herculina is a matron in a position of power,

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and she definitely abuses it. She may have murdered a patient, which is a huge abuse. She has weakened herself in this prospect, because she is “…warned that the next time she would be subjected to a thorough investigation.” She puts her job in jeopardy, as well as a potential life in jail because she abused her power. There is another, unnamed matron in this short story, and she desires Maria. The unnamed matron, “…whispered all kinds of tender obscenities in her ear while she kissed her face, her neck tensed with terror, her rigid arms, her exhausted legs.” At this point Maria has to physically fight her to stop her form abusing her power. The matron is strong, Maria is weak, and this leads the matron to assume that what she is doing will be okay. The matron is selfish in the light that she is supposed to be helping and healing Maria, but instead she is abusing her power because of a desire for Maria. The unnamed matron...

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