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Negotiation is a common problem-solving process that people use to make decisions and manage disputes. Negotiations are so common they can occur in a person's daily life. For example, spouses might negotiate on how money is spent, parents and children might negotiate on a suitable bedtime, employers and employees might negotiate salary, or a professionals and clients might negotiate on the terms of a contract. Negotiation is a process in which two or more people voluntarily discuss their differences and attempt to reach a joint decision on their common concerns (Moore, July 2009). According to Moore (2009), "Negotiation requires participants to identify issues about which they differ, educate each other about their needs and interests, generate possible settlement options and bargain over the terms of the final agreement." In this scholarly paper, Learning Team B will briefly summarize the case study analysis of Power Play for Howard. Additionally, the team will evaluate the benefits, costs, and risks associated with the negotiation from the perspective of all parties involved.What happened to professional athletes wanting to play for the "love" of the game? Professional athletes put too high of a price on their skills; as to which results in the players being completely too greedy for the profession. The professional teams and professional leagues have unfortunately allowed for this to continue; and will continue to cause more greed in the years to come. However, the leagues and the teams cannot be the only ones to blame. The agents play a huge part in the negotiations and promising the players the money and contracts.In 1996, Juwan Howard, who was 23 years old at the time, was looking to make more money than what he was making after his first year with the Washington Bullets. In 1994, Howard being a fifth round draft choice for the Bullets, signed for $24 million contract for the first season. However, there were more negotiations going on behind closed doors. The general manager of the Bullets advised Howard that he was not worth the money. Nash, the general manager of the Bullets, offered a $37.5 million contract with the option to become a free agent after the first year. Howard accepted the contract even though he felt he was worth more money. In 1996, the second year with the Bullets, Howard becomes a free agent. With becoming a free agent, this allows the player to shop around for the better deal; or who is willing to pay him the most money for his skills; this is where the greed entered into the equation. With Howard being so young, he was only looking at dollar signs and not being concerned with what was important. Howard's concern was which team was willing to pay him the money he wanted; and what he thought his skills were worth to him.Although, Howard did not want to leave Washington since he had built a reputation with the fans; his concern were the dollar signs. Once he found out that the Miami Heat would be willing to offer him...

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1592 words - 6 pages Running Head: CASE ANALYSIS: POWER PLAY FOR HOWARD PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 1 Case Analysis: Power Play for HowardMGT 445Case Analysis: Power Play for HowardBelow is an observation of negotiations that occurred in the National Basketball League, between star player Juwan Howard, the Washington Bullets' and the Miami Heat during a "bidding war" for Howard's employment with the NBA (Brubaker, Asher, Solomon, and Adande, n.d.). The analysis offers a

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1704 words - 7 pages ).ReferencesBrubaker, Asher, Solomon, and Adande. (n. d.) A power play for Howard. Negotiation. 5th ed.and Washington Post. [University of Phoenix Custom Edition e-text]. McGraw-Hill.Retrieved July 1, 2009 from University of Phoenix, rEsource, MGT-445-InterdisciplinaryCapstone Course Web site.Lewicki, R., J., Saunders, D., M., and Barry, B. (2006). Negotiation. 5th ed.[University of Phoenix Custom Edition e-text]. McGraw-Hill. RetrievedJuly 1, 2009

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1546 words - 6 pages possibility of incurring loss or misfortune, a venture undertaken without regard to possible loss or injury, and finally to gamble take a risk with hopes of a favorable outcome (dictionary.com). The definition that best describes a situation Juwan Howard, a Washington Bullets NBA basketball player, underwent would be to gamble by taking a risk with hopes of a favorable outcome. In the article, "A Power Play for Howard," Juwan Howard took a risk by

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