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Power Spikes: The Growing Ev Market

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What once was thought of as trendy hipster mentality is slowing seeing some real traction today’s auto market, and is poised to become a viable option in the very near future. The Electric Vehicle (EV) has increased sales every year of the past few years. While the pure EV is still seen as somewhat of an outlier by most auto buyers it is still showing signs of promise. Also, the EV’s more compromising brother, the Hybrid, is seeing advances in sales and technology that will do nothing but bolster the case for purchasing a true plug-in vehicle in the future. Key factors such as infrastructure awareness, power system advancements, and utility companies recognizing their part to play still ...view middle of the document...

Companies would do well to try and capitalize on the momentum and develop a marketing game plan that focused on the fact that more people are jumping on the eco bandwagon along with using the rising cost of traditional fuel as catalyst for driving up sales even further.
Along with the growing segment that PEV’s are occupying, there is one PV that has managed to dominate all PEV sales, and even out compete some rival gas powered vehicles. Motavalli (2013) explained that the Tesla Model S estimated it would sale approximately 20,000 units, and could be found in several of the richest cities in America.
Currently, the price of the PEV and the ability to charge it when and where needed are some of the biggest downside to marketing the car. In today’s economic climate many people are not willing to part with the extra cash up front to realize savings across the lifespan of the vehicle. So and so (date) says that the higher price tag is due to the cost of the battery, but those prices should start to fall as new factories spin up production. Furthermore, the lack of municipal and national resources for charging electric vehicles make the prospect of owning one more daunting. While some PEV’s throw in a home charging kit with the purchase, or the possibility of having a charging station hard wired into a garage help to solve half of the issue, until public charging stations, much like gas stations, are found across a city or the country PEV’s will continue to be a harder sell. On the bright side US Department of Energy (n.d.) states that key players of the EV industry along with governments at all levels are building a fast growing network of...

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