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Power Wireless Essay

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Imagine travelling away for a vacation without worries when your mobiles or laptops will turn down as they charge automatically along your trip without connectors or cables. Imagine that you could grasp your phone on your way morning and charge it whenever you need, at home, work...etc, wirelessly. It would be better not having charges as we would not have to worry about recycling power cords. It seems that wireless power is the future. However, Is it feasible or a stuff of science fiction?

Wireless power is the concept of transferring electrical energy from one point to another without wires. In the early 20 century, after Maxwells’ & Hertz experiments on ...view middle of the document...

WiTricity, currently it is a name of an American engineering company that manufactures devices, was a term used for a project took place at MIT to demonstrate that wireless power transfer is possible. The MIT researchers demonstrated that by lighting a 60 watts bulb wirelessly using 5-turns copper coils, that were 7 feet and 3 feet away. At 3 feet, the light bulb was turned on at approximately 90% efficiency. However, at 7 feet, the efficiency fell down dramatically to 45%.

The aim of this essay is to spot a light on the feasibility of wireless power. There are challenges related to the efficiency of this technology over long distances. In addition, human safety is another concern as this technology could cause the case of tissue heating or/and body temperature increases (op cit.). However, by overcoming these issues, significant benefits could be obtained from such a technology, this technology is the future.

The case for wireless power

WiTricity and Alliance power supply:

Motivation for using such a technology:

1- By excluding power cords and replace the need of batteries, the most failure prone components in most electronic devices, devices are being more convenient and reliable for consumers.
2- Reduce the overall system cost by powering multiple devices on the same time by using a single source resonator.
3- By eliminating the need of disposable batteries, devices sound more environmentally friendly.
4- Make devices safer...

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