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Powerful Or Not? Essay

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Describing someone as powerful is usually seen as someone who is brave, gallant,
intelligent and respectful. These characteristics classified a King’s attitude, especially in the
Middle Ages. King Arthur, who was the king of England was seen as a very powerful and brave king (Sir Gawain; line 107). In my perspective, in order to gain power, two main attributes have to be gained: popularity, and the ability to control and manipulate your country. King Arthur had that power, the power of having a whole kingdom at his feet even when he was not brave. In the book, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Gawain sees his cousin or King Arthur as the most powerful man alive, as someone who has all his respect. However, Gawain was more brave then King Arthur in many occasions. King Arthur was so powerful that he did not have to put himself at risk because he had all the knights and his people around him willing to do it for him and save
his life.
A main event where King Arthur shows his power without showing his braveness is
when the Green Knight defeats him. In the New Year’s Ball, King Arthur wants someone to tell
him a marvelous story before he starts to feast. (Gawain; line 90) In that moment a huge knight
comes in the ball saying he is not harmful and he does not war. “All I ask for in this court is one
Christmas game, at this New Year holiday with young people all around”, said the Green Knight
to the King. (Gawain; lines 284-285) The game’s rules were that King Arthur should get the
Green Knight’s axe to cut him and then a year and one day from the New Year’s Ball, the Green
Knight would come back and do the same thing to King Arthur.(Gawain; line 290) The King’s
reaction was shocking, however he accepted to this ridiculous game. When the King was about
to use the axe to cut the Green Knight’s neck, Sir Gawain a brave knight said: “I’m the weakest,
I know, and the feeblest of spirit, so my life would be at least loss, it is simply true.”(Gawain,
lines 353,354) Gawain did not care of the consequences this game may bring, he was willing to
fight for his King. Gawain was willing to accept all consequences at all sakes to save his King
from all danger. This action proves how much power King Arthur has over his people, he does not have to ask for help, he does not have to ask anyone to do anything for him, the noble knights are simply there for him, to fight for him and be loyal to their King. That is power. The King
accepted Gawain proposal and Gawain “dropped the blade swiftly on the Green Knight’s
unguarded skin.” (Gawain, line 423)
Gawain was not convinced in playing this game, in fact he...

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