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Powerless Against The World. This Is An Analytical Essay About Exile And Idenity In The Book I Said With Magellan By Stuart Dybek

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In order for a person to feel as if he or she belongs he or she has to have a connection with the human race. People that do not develop this belonging tend to develop a timid personality that renders them powerless against society. This timid personality makes it easier for the rest of society to put one down, and to make one feel as if he or she is really truly powerless. A person can however retaliate and come back from this sort of humiliation and prove to others that they are not powerless. That they too are a strong powerful person. As nice and wonderful as that may sound it does not often happen that way. The truth of the matter is that once people are put down and made to feel powerless, those people are exiled from society.People who are cast aside have it in their heads that there is nothing they can do, that they are powerless, and do not belong with society. It is these same individuals who seemingly lose themselves. After being cast aside from society and being rendered powerless they no longer know who they are. They lose touch with reality and with themselves. These are the people who do not show their true colors, not because they do not want to, but in part because they do not know what those colors are.When a person does not know who they are they can feel lost. Lost in a sense that they do not know where they belong. Knowing where you belong and having a sense of home is an important part in feeling comfortable with who you are. These things, knowing where you belong and having a sense of who you are, are crucial in someone's personality. When you feel lost in your own life, in your own personality there is no way you can feel like you belong. You feel alone and are therefore exiled from yourself and others. In a sense, making one feel powerless can exile them not only from society, but also from their true identity.Well known author Stuart Dybek gives his accounts of exile and a collection of short stories he has titled I Sailed with Magellan. Although these stories are all fictional, some believe them to be somewhat autobiographical. These stories all take place in Chicago where Dybek grew up, and in the same type of town where he was raised. Each one of these stories has its own type of exile and own portrayal of how the powerless are exiled.In his story "Live from Dreamsville", Dybek wrote "Sir would hear the noise and charge in swinging a belt, or a shoe, whatever was handy, an attack he called a 'roop in the dupe'"(Dybek 30). In this scene we see a fathers need to express his power over the children. The father would beat the kids at night when they were messing around instead of sleeping. He didn't do this to hurt the children but, to teach them the lesson that, he was in charge and that they were powerless under his control.What he didn't realize was that the children were not just messing around; they were embracing their imaginations. The imaginations that only children have, the wild imaginations that as we grow up...

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