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Power Point Can Be An Effective Tool To Use For Presentations But You Have To Know How To Use It Effectively.

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What Can You Do With Microsoft® Power Point®?Article Summary of Getting the Most out of Power Point by Ricky Telg and Tracy IraniDid you know that more than 90 percent of computer-based presentations in this country are created using Power Point? This is the case according to an article by Ricky Telg and Tracy Irani entitled Getting the Most out of Power Point. It is their contention that Power Point can be very effective when giving presentations, however you need to take into account the clarity of the visuals to be sure they help send the correct message in your presentation (Telg & Irani).The authors begin by explaining that less is more when it comes to words. Visuals such as clip art make the presentation easier for the audience to remember. In addition, they offer a number of ways to use words more effectively in Power Point presentations. For example, limiting words to six per line and six lines per screen.Much can be accomplished by limiting the use of special effects; more commonly referred to as "bells and whistles" by the two authors. Audio effects, transitions, and random effects should only be used when the presenter can justify their impact to the audience. Caution must be taken in preparation to make sure that the audience does not "lose sight of the main points in your presentation" (Telg & Irani).Kickert 2Clip art can enhance the details of a presentation. The authors remind those using clip art to "keep the images easy to understand" (Telg & Irani). They suggest using online resources to locate clip art in addition to what comes pre-installed in the software.The impact multimedia presentations have on an audience is attributed to being able to understand the material presented. The authors cite a study which concluded that people are more persuaded to acknowledge procedural or fact-based information when it is presented in multimedia form. In addition, emphasis was...

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