Powers Of A Mobile Technology Essay

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Powers of a Mobile Technology
In todays ever changing world of technology, convenience and ease of use are among the top priorities for tech companies. Computers, smart phones and tablet, are all being used constantly. If you don't know the answer to a question just type it into your phone and boom you've got the answer in a few seconds. Just like computers, smartphones have apps that allow a mobile device to do just about anything a computer can do. While the computer may have more power, mobile devices are quickly catching up. As mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are taking over the technology industry it makes the standard PC less practical.
Why do we consider a smartphone smart or a tablet a tablet? Many different things go into these mobile devices; from all the hardware that makes the phone work to all the software that makes the phone do what it does. Apple's newest device came with a 64 bit processor also packing 4 gigabytes of ram (Higgonbotham, Stacey). While that may seem like it means nothing, it is the same type of processor a computers runs off of, unlike the older limited processors that most smartphones have. As of right now this processor may be like driving a nascar to work but soon there will be a road for this nascar. Software is another important aspect of any computing device. Without software whatever device it is, its just a pieces of plastic and metal. Parts of software are the operating system it acts as the communicator between you and your computer, then there are applications and programs and they allow you to do specific tasks (Types of Software). Hardware and software are what power mobile devices without one or the other it would be something else entirely.
In the smart phone world there are two main competitors, iOS and android. Each very different in the way they work. The first big difference is iOS is closed source and Android is open source (Android vs iOS). Closed source means that you can only get apps from a specific app store, you can't download anything you want onto it. Positives to a closed app store are all apps are screened before put into the app store, which makes them very secure, and your device will be more than likely compatible with all the apps available. Open source offer the exact opposite of a closed app store, the apps were usually not as heavily screened and tested. Also, there isn't anything that prevents you from downloading apps off the internet. Open source has a lot more freedom but this comes at the price of security. There are a few other operating systems such as windows and blackberry. Both are not as popular as Android and iOS. Windows is fairly new in the smartphone area and has some potential but blackberry had its time to shine and looks like its on its way out. 
Mobile applications allow our devices to become more like a computer and less like a regular old phone. While many people think mobile devices are nothing more than something to check your email on...

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