Pox Marketing Campaign Which Of The Two Campaign You Prefer And Why. Who You Think You Can Improve The Strategy?

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self case write-upharvard business school case studyPOX marketing campaigncreative own ideashttp://www.streettech.com/archives_gadget/pox.htmlHasbro game machincehttp://www.hasbro.com/Hasbro-----------------------------------------------------------1.Basically, these two options have two different advertising objectives. The first one targets at POX's new features while the non-traditional one tries to attract customers from the fantasy and the story behind POX. Therefore, I support to have a campaign that uses primarily television and print advertising with the expected cost $1.4million since matching the product's value proposition with the communication strategy would be crucial for a new product launch. First of all, I analyze the POX value proposition1 to come up with the positioning statement:For tweens loving games, concerned with always being constrained by places and time. Hasbro's new product: POX provides stealthy and instantaneous play among all game units because this small handheld device with RF embedded allows you to play with friends anytime and anywhere.Apparently, the exact advertising objective is to announce game players that POX can provide real-time multi-players battles engaged anytime, anywhere, and full of controllability. The content consists of emphasizing the following product characteristics: high portability with RF wireless technology, free and remote links among players, stealth play and easy-to-carry size.Hasbro is a leading role in this industry so some audiences, notice that tweens are somewhat loyal to their brands, will notice and be lured by its new advertisement; I think that the traditional advertising method would be a fast and forthright medium to address POX's existence and capabilities. Also, giving a direct TV advertising narrating the POX with high-tech and coordination abilities, which are values emphasized by tweenagers, can create a "bang" effect; these persuasions are hard achieved by the non-traditional proposal.Additionally, POX target consumers are tweens collecting trading cards, playing computer games, and/or owning Nintedon Game Boy, showing these segments are prone to stay at home and pay attention to new games; thus, TVs and gamer magazines are more effective and weighty vehicles to enhance their awareness. Besides, according to the marketing research, the specific segment indicates that battle mode is a secondary desire; notably that the battle and collectivity are not unique features. In other words, the back story itself is less fascinating if not combining with new features. Therefore, adopting the non-traditional way focusing on alien plot set up in the small town, the power of impact would need more measurements, might relatively seem to be less influential.Observe the value proposition of POX again - the RF design with small portable device - Stealth Play. Doing the direct "informative advertising" can educate users the attributes of POX, thereby attracting the target kids. For...

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