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Pozzo And Lucky: Progression Of Time

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In the play Waiting for Godot written and translated by Samuel Beckett, readers follow along as characters, Didi, and Gogo, are seen waiting for someone by the name Godot, in which they never show, and time is very rarely mentioned in the play, besides thru very few encounters with Pozzo, and Lucky, and the mention of night and day. As the play progresses Didi and Gogo start to lose faith in what they're waiting for, and as Pozzo and Lucky grow old, they achieve less, and become more useless. Therefore in the play, Beckett uses the progression and development of Pozzo and lucky’s relationship as well as themselves in order to portray the lack of faith in humanity, and the lack of purpose for life.

Shortly after the beginning of Act 1, Didi and Gogo encounter Pozzo and Lucky for the first time. After a brief introduction Pozzo asks Didi and Gogo if they would like to see Lucky either dance or think. At first they are not sure if he actually knows how to do either, because all they see is the enslaved, depressed side of him with little to no knowledge. Readers as well perceive lucky as unable to do anything, however, Pozzo goes on to tell of what lucky used to do. “Vladimir. He thinks?/Pozzo. Certainly. Aloud. He even used to think very prettily once, I could listen to him for hours. Now… (he shudders). So much the worse for me” (Beckett 26). “Pozzo. He used to dance the farandole, the fling, the brawl, the jig, the fandango, and even the hornpipe. He capered. For Joy, now that’s the best he can do” (Beckett 27). In both sentences Beckett uses the word “used” which serves the purpose to signify an event that occurred in the past. Lucky was able to Dance and Think greatly, however over time he has lost these skills as time has taken its toll on him. Beckett shows a larger implication that not only does time impact a person, but also causes humanity, in general to slow down, and become less involved, and that humanity loses the ability to achieve, and becomes more as a routine for most. When Pozzo says “now thats the best he can do” (Beckett 27), Beckett is speaking about the will power that humanity loses. They become less likely to try, and are more satisfied with the outcome that takes little effort. Humanity has become lazy, and lose the importance of life, and just live to allow time to pass.

When we first meet Pozzo and Lucky we see no concerns of either Pozzo being blind, or Lucky being mute. When Lucky is asked to think he is able to give a large speech on Mankind and how they are lost without religion. This both proved that Lucky was not mute, but also helped to reiterate Beckett’s view of mankind and how they lose track of the prize with the lack of religion. When Lucky and Pozzo return in Act 2 we find out that Pozzo is now blind “Pozzo. Who are you?/Vladimir. Do you not recognize us?/Pozzo. I am Blind “(Beckett 54). We also learn that Lucky has no intelligence, but in fact, he, is dumb. “Vladimir. Dumb! Since...

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