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Pay Per Click MarketingPart Two of a Three Part Report on:Site Promotion and AdvertisingPrepared for:Golden Gate UniversityElectronic Business, Systems and TechnologiesTable of ContentsPay Per Click Ads. . . . . . . . Page 3How Pay Per Click Ads Work . . . . . Page 5The Advantages of Pay Per Click Ads . . . . Page 6The Disadvantages of Pay Per Click Ads . . . . Page 7Conclusion . . . . . . . . Page 8Bibliography . . . . . . . . Page 9Pay Per Click AdsGetting people to visit your web site is absolutely essential to the success of any online business. No matter what service, product or information you are selling, your website must first be visited to be of any value. Otherwise, your online business is nothing more than a book on the shelf of a library that may never be checked out. Pay Per Clicks or "PPC's" are a method of advertising in which you pay for visitors on a cost per click basis. That is, you only pay when a Web searcher actually clicks on a link back to your site. PPC advertising is not "traditional" online advertising. Typically, online advertising uses banner ads, and costs are based upon the number of banner ads that are displayed. With PPC's, your ad can be displayed many times, but you pay nothing unless a Web searcher actually clicks on the ad. PPC's are also referred to as Pay Per Position, Pay Per Ranking, or Pay Per Placement. Pay Per Click Ads may be the fastest growing strategy to get targeted traffic to your website. Anyone who has used a search engine has seen these ads. PPC ads are links to your web site often seen along the right side of a search engine's results page, although they can be anywhere. This "right side" layout is very common among search engine websites. PPC's are a less blatant ad in the ever-growing online advertising industry.After the overwhelming success of Google Inc., other companies began copying Google's design. Lycos, AltaVista, Fetchdog, Exactseek, and many more now use Google's simple barebones look and feel with the PPC's placed along the right side of your search results page. And, not only their layout was copied but the overall look and feel of Google. Below you can see side by side the search results for the words "Golden Gate University" using HotBot and Google. The pay per click ads are titled "sponsored links" and set along the right to differentiate them from the objective search results. The examples show the same search returning different PPC links. Notice the link from titled "Online College Programs". This company's PPC is the only PPC link on the HotBot site whereas four PPC's appear on the Google site. This shows the greater advertising popularity of Google.How Pay Per Click Ads WorkAlthough websites that sell PPC's can charge in any manner they choose, a method of bidding has developed. Companies bid for their PPC's to have top placement. An e-business bids on specific keywords or phrases in order for their ad to come up when people search for that specific...

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