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Ppp Final Exam Essay

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Theology is “how we try to articulate our interpretations into symbols, rituals, doctrine, ethics, and other norms for behaviour” (Hetherington, Sept 20, 2013). Theology is present in all religions and helps to understand different aspects of religion better. In theology, one prominent factor is the idea of hope. Hope is not simply an optimistic view on life. Hope is the human yearning and working for something better. There are many theologies that try to work toward this image that hope gives them. For example, eschatological theologies use this concept of hope in conjunction with the promise of Jesus’ Parousia, by looking at the second coming as reason to improve our actions. There are also many other theologies that we talked about in class that look at hope, like feminist, liberation, ecological theologies.
Feminist theology is different from feminism. Feminism is the opposition of rich, Caucasian, male oppression. Feminist theology just adds the aspect of religion to feminist beliefs. Elizabeth Schüssler Fiorenza describes it: “feminist theology is rooted in conversion and a new vision; it names the realities of sin and grace and it leads to a new mission and community” (qtd. in Hetherington, Oct 11, 2013). Like theology, any religion can have feminist theological ideas, for example, in Jewish feminist theology, theologians look at the experience of women in the bible and how it affected the structure of the religion. In class, we mostly spoke on Christian feminist theologies, which has three steps. The first one is that the theology looks at the fact that men had the dominant role in forming the early Catholic Church. For example, this step would look at the chapters of the Bible and question why so many of the authors were men. The next step looks at the experiences of women in these times and tries to make their voices heard. The final step is to create a theology from these women’s experiences and make it prevalent for today’s times. One example of what feminist theologians are fighting against is the terms used to describe God (for example ‘Father’ and ‘He’) that promote the idea of male supremacy. This also promotes the idea that if we are all made in the image of God, women are a mistake (because God is a man).
Liberation theology is very similar to feminist theology in that it opposes the oppression of the poor. Liberation theology, which developed in South America, is the movement to defend the poor against the injustices that they face. Liberation theologians work out of the idea of preferential option for the poor, which is the idea that we need to put the poor first in order to attain equality. There are three kinds of poverty which are material poverty, spiritual poverty, and solidarity. Material, or real poverty, is the poverty that most people in third-world countries face. It is the lack of the goods needed for basic human living. For example, food, water, shelter, and even a voice. Without a voice these people would...

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