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PR and It's Impact on SocietyWikipedia, an internet encyclopedia source, defines Public Relations as "the practice of conveying messages to the public through the media on behalf of a client, with the intention of changing the public's actions by influencing their opinions (, 2004)." It can be argued that this definition offers a narrow, one-sided view of the profession, as the Public Relations profession deals with more than just using the media to influence how people think about a subject. According to the Public Relations Society of America website, "Public relations help an organization and its publics adapt mutually to each other (, 2004)."For businesses, the public does not just consist of the community in which the business is located or operates. In the public relations profession, the public could consist of employees, the people in and out of your community, as well as current and prospective customers. The public is really anyone that could have an interest in your organization and how it operates. The goal of public relations is to help to develop the relationships between the organization and all of its publics.While the goal may be to develop relationships, the function of public relations is to promote the organization's products or services to the organizations public. In this regards, the correlation between marketing and public relations is demonstrated. Both functions involve promoting the organization in some fashion so that people are aware of the product or service being offered by the organization. Additionally, both seek the same final result, sales for the organization.Marketing and Public relations differ in that marketing focuses on setting pricing, distribution, and placement strategies that will affect sales and profitability. Public relations efforts focus on developing a positive image and rapport with customers. Public relations set out to tell people about your business so that when marketers begin to promote your products and services, people will already know about your business.Catherine Hebert, an employee relations assistant with Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, states an organization's standing in the community depends " a great deal on the degree to which the desired publics are aware of and supportive of its policies and goals." Catherine also state that public relations professionals help to communicate to the public the goals and objectives. This is handled through thorough research and evaluation.One of the functions of public relations professionals is to assist the organization with developing strategic plans and goals. Public relations is useful by providing advice to management on what to do based upon feedback and interaction with the community. The public relations staff can be used to assist with identifying and responding to issues deemed important by the community that may have an impact on the success of the organization.An additional function of the...

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