Public Relations And You Tube Essay

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Within the industry, YouTube has become one of the most influential ways to promote services, the environment of the company, as well as feedback and travel experiences from a variety of customers. Public Relations practitioners are starting to avoid pitching to reporters and going directly to consumers. It has been reported that YouTube is likely to serve more than 75 billion video streams to around 375 million unique visitors during 2009 (Jantsch). YouTube makes it accessible for customers and a variety of individuals to post comments and like or dislike videos, making sure the right message is always uploaded. YouTube also offers travel companies a number of opportunities to increase awareness, which demonstrates thought leadership and drive for new business (Pergolino).
YouTube plays a vital role in transmitting messages to the public. Hotel and Airline companies have used YouTube to acquire a variety of customers or many people who show interest in their services. YouTube allows quick and easy browsing with the use of channels. This allows the public to gain an insight on the company and their environment. Hotel and Airline channels have the ability to obtain millions of viewers if a message is conveyed creatively and effectively. Jamie Izaks, PR Manager for Hyatt Hotels Corporation, states, “You have to be creative. I certainly wouldn’t put up traditional PR material such as video news releases or conventional interviews. You need to strive for something that is both promotional and entertaining” (Cobb). With YouTube, it is easy to host videos on websites by using links and embedded codes that YouTube provides (Pergolino). An array of YouTube videos has created a buzz since the founding of YouTube in 2005 (Chen, Hurley, and Karim). Many firms and companies put their trust in creating channels for travel enthusiasts and viewers because YouTube has the capability to significantly impact how Travel Public Relations is executed.
YouTube can also be the most strategic way to connect with a variety of people and key stakeholders from all over the world. Mark Haas, CEO and partner of MH Group Communications, has said, “YouTube is horizontal. If you want to reach that many people using traditional media, you would have to pitch and place dozens of outlet” (Bush). YouTube gives the opportunity to subscribe to various channels, as well as having the ability to like or dislike a video. It also helps having the choice to post a comment below a video of feedback that can be given to the video. Airline and Hotel industries receive many YouTube subscribers. With a company having subscribers, they are permitted to use Really Simple Syndication or RSS. RSS can aggregate and filter content around subjects, and companies use RSS technology to help repurpose, republish, create content, and automatically send messages to subscribers (Jantsch). This is beneficial to a company because it allows a relationship to form with its viewers. When comments are posted,...

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